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My Progress

Started to cut 11/12 using Intermittent Fasting and good eating habits.
I eat 1 lb of Chicken breast, 6 eggs, 2 oz cheddar cheese, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese daily.
I eat 2 oz of walnuts on off days and 2 cups oatmeal, 1 cup of rice and 4 slices of bread on training days.

5’10" 230lbs
37.5" waist

Doesn’t look any different, except for the coloration.

Hard to tell but the waist & tri area is a bit tighter. I think it would be best to do a 3 month progress pic

This is not good progress for a month of cutting, especially at your current bodyfat. I don’t see any progress at all. The food you posted can’t be all you’re eating, right? Cut more calories.

Still a fat a$$ and a vegetarian fat fck at that. I cant believe I revived this account. Watch me gain some more muscle and break PRs on a blood-free diet.

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I’m interested. You look to have a frame built for strength.

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Will post some recent maxes eventually.
Last November
Bench 315x3x3
Bottom-up Squat 405x8
Deadlift 515
One Arm Clean Press DB 100x2 each arm
TGU 40kg KB
Yoke Carry 545 x 2 x 20yd
Log Press 205x3
BB Curl Strict 135x2

Trained from Jan 2 to November 10 2020 the hardest ever. Let’s see how it goes this next few months.

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This seems pretty damn impressive. I’ve tried these bottom up squats before and they suckkkkk

It’s all about getting your mobility first from that pinned position. Goblet Squats work wonders for this. It’s very satisfying feeling to push that weight from there. I started back with 275 and will work my way up. Maybe will post a video on YouTube if anyone wants to see.

This also teaches you how to really squeeze the ab wall and glutes. Full body tension is very important and ignoring people’s stare.

225 lbs cold measurements
16" neck and arms
38.5" waist
45" Chest

All my pics are terrible quality lol