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My Progress, Turned 18

http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m262/ericeroc/evolution.jpg - CLICK THE LINK INSTEAD


I’m 5’7".
turned 18 years old on june 27th

1 year: I was training 3-4 days a week, very unproperly, I was taking protein shakes but didn’t have any idea of what they were doing to my body, in fact I didn’t really have any knowledge of bodybuilding. I wasn’t training the legs or the back either. I still managed to gain 10 pounds in 1 year, no diet. I was training full body at every workout.
Bench: 175 pounds x 10

1 year 3 months: I was training 5 days a week, I started training muscle groups instead of whole body, wasn’t training the legs but was doing my back once a week. I didn’t have any diet.
Bench: 195 pounds x 10

1 year 6 months: I started getting involved into bodybuilding more, I read articles on internet and watched videos. I came up with new exercices, still no legs. No diet.
Bench: 215 pounds x 10

NOW: Right now, I’m fully involved into bodybuilding. I have a private coach for the past 2 weeks, he made me a diet along with a program, and I’m in preparation for my first competition in october 2009. Currently, I’m eating 7500 calories a day and I’m trying to be 180-190 pounds before the cut at 10-12%BF, I work out my legs twice a week to catch up the time lost. I will post a picture in a few months, but at the moment I feel too shy, even though we can start to see the muscles defined.
Bench: 255 pounds x 10

Current Diet: ~450g of proteins - 28oz horse meat, 5 cups of basmati rice or brown rice, 3 cups of vegetables, 3 to 4 whey protein shakes per day in pinneable juice, before bedtime I take whey casein. 20 almonds free sugar free salt, 2 cups of gruel, 1 english muffin whole wheat with 1 spoon of butter peanut (no salt), 1 cup of yaourt. Some fruits also. One cheat meal per week. Water only.

Supplements: BCAA, ZMA, Whey Proteins, Vitamins, Vitamin C, Casein, Tribulus

I’m not sure how to pose lat spread properly, maybe someone could help me?

Leg shot, they’re still very small but I think it’s a good progress for 1 month.

155 pounds on right picture, and left picture is currently. However I was pumped on my old shot and the current one is relaxed.

Relaxed shot

My smallest meal of the day.

Good job.

You’ve got some solid muscle there and good symmetry. You’ve made some impressive progress.

Best of luck at your show.

nice haircut dude.

keep doin it bro

great progress! keep up the good work!

4 for the physique and 3 for the hair.

good work for upper body !

Back could use some improvement

P.S. Legshot angle is horrible lolll

[quote]Handsome Rob 84 wrote:
4 for the physique and 3 for the hair.[/quote]

lol, thanks buddy.

Keep up the good work!

awesome!!!..7500callories a day… daaaamn… a solid 7

Looks like you have good genetics and great potential. I gave you a solid 7 like hazard. But I would give you a 10 for progress and attitude. BTW, what sort of numbers are you hitting on the other big lifts (I get sick of hearing bench numbers all the time)???

Keep it up!!

u eat horse meat… sick twat