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My Progress So Far

Well, here is a little progress I have made since my post “If you looked like me…”.

I have gone from about 240, to 235, which isn’t much difference, but considering my bf% has dropped a good percentage, i figure there was some muscle gain over the past 7-8 weeks.

After discovering GVT Revisted and some other helpful nutrition ideas from the other forum posts and replies to messages on T-Nation, here is some progress, and yes, i took a shot of the wheels, hehe.

The above, is old me at 240 with 20% BF

Here are links, i can’t get them to post in the thread, haha.

New me at 235 with about 17% BF

Stupid Front, not knowing how to flex

Back Double Bi


New Me: My Front Stupid Flex @ weeks in on GVT

New Me: My Back Double Bi Attempt @ 8 weeks in on GVT

New Me: My Wheels! @ 8 Weeks in on GVT

I will post again in about 6 - 8 more weeks, thanks for any info on what i might be lacking on or doing terrible, also let me know if you see no change at all, hard to tell without similar pics in all

It’s difficult to notice a big change in such a short time frame, but you look like you are heading in the right direction.

Keep reading/learning, keep tweeking/improving your diet and keep training!

I would keep taking the pics just for your own benefit, say every 8 wks or so, then you will have some good before/during/after shots down the road. Try and take the same poses each time, actually the straight front shot (like your first 240lb pic) is probably best to see changes in shape, as well as a back shot (like your double bi) and maybe a side view (which will show your belly reducing!)

Train consistently and make sure you are progressing on the main compound lifts. I will be interested to see what you look like this time next year :wink: