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My Progress Shots

The following are my progress shots… the first one was taken around mid March and the second one at the start of June. I’ve been using ‘training for maximal size’ and I love it. In the next few months I’m hoping to put on a good 5-10 lbs of mass and keep the same body fat if not lower it. I will admit that I lost sight of my goals for about a week and am not as lean, but I’m working my way back up. I think I might of actually been over training, after my core sections I pretty much wanted to die.

How old are you?

19 - 6’1" and i’d say about 185 lbs.

You look like you just lost fat but didn’t really gain much muscle. You have obsessive compulsive six pack disorder.

i didn’t do any cardio and i ate as often as i could and as much as i could afford. my squat went from 135 to well over 200 for a max.