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My Progress on Clomid 25mg EOD. Any Thoughts?

I am 25 yo, 5’11 198lbs

My test results in 1/2019 are as follows: TT 320 ng/dl Free T 58.1 pg/mL E2 = less than 15 SHBG = 23

1 month of 25 mg 2/2019 as follows: TT 714 ng/dl Free T 171 pg/mL E2 = 31 *Forgot to ask for SHBG this time

Now my doctor wants to adjust to a regimen of MWF 25 mg of Clomid + Anastrozole (I have a very slight case of gyno)

After only one month, I don’t feel any different (btw, I am consulting Defy Med next week). My endo says it will take time for the body to adjust to the rise in my hormones. How long should I give this combo a shot before considering alternatives?

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I would wait on the Anastrozole. Your E2 is far from high, you will probably adjust and be fine.How much Anastrozole is he recommending?

Dont mess with your E2!