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My Progress at 16

weight 153
Bench max:260
Deadlift max:380
Squat max:340

16 years old.

Inflated numbers. Videos please.

260 bench

380 deadlift

nicely done on puttin out vids. PS…why are you on this site postin a rate my physique with an ab shot? your gonna get reamed in the subsequent replies to this thread

Flexing chest

flexing back

post a back double bi or a lat spread. squeezing your shoulder blades together shows nothing.

ok lat spread

Lift Numbers aside the 1st pic looks pretty decent for a 16 year old, although seeing you in the actual vid, makes me realize what a good photograph the shot actually is -lol

You’re still young, and obviously you’re laying a good foundation. The arms and legs (from what’s visable) need a lot of work, but that will come over time. Obviously you’ve built some muscle, but you have a way to go before you look like you lift when clothed. Keep pounding the weights man, you’re doing good.


heres a vid of me squating, today…was legs.

Good job proving everyone wrong with the videos!! Great foundation to build on strength wise, just keep at it and keep eating like crazy!! Good luck man!!

Great job for a guy your age. Now go eat!! Hopefully those abs won’t be quite as visible in a couple of months.

Not bad bro, although it looked like you might have gotten a little bit of help there and stopped at parallel. Have you tried it ATG?

Either way, well done.

lol mazevedo got owned. I cant blame him though, you dont look anywhere near that strong. Thought for certain your squat was bullshit atfer your deadlift vid.( your shorts got hiked up by the bar and looked really skinny). Good job though, you surprised me

eat and forget about the abs for now

[quote]travisjw wrote:
260 bench

380 deadlift[/quote]

Well, I’m one to give dredit where credit is due. Great job on the lifts. You’re fucking strong for your size and age. Keep lifting and getting bigger. Best of luck!

[quote]waylanderxx wrote:
lol mazevedo got owned.[/quote]

LOL yes I did. It’s nice to see someone post vids though.

Great job so far, man. Definitely don’t look like you can put up those numbers, but the videos obviously prove otherwise.
Keep at it - eat and lift; you’ve certainly built a good foundation and have quite a bit of potential.

Obliques are too big (destroys the v-taper)

Are you slouching your shoulders in your pic? Because your lats are completely hidden and it makes you look strange. Either that or you just don’t have any, but it doesn’t look like that from the back pics.

If when you relax if you hold a pencil in each hand, they should point more or less straight forward. If they point way in then you know what your problem is. Just my 2 cents.

Also if you do a back double biceps think about pulling down with your back muscles not together. Learning how to present yourself can make anyone look a lot better (and earn you a better rating).