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My program

I just wanted to post my routine as I know there are a lot of athletes on this board (power lifters, boxers, MMA?) I am training for boxing right now, but I don?t box yet(weird, I know). I decided I needed a new sport and I have always wanted to do boxing but my parents wouldn?t let me. Now that I am in college and have more say over what I get to do, I think I will give it a go. The problem is that I won?t be able to get into a boxing gym until this summer because I don?t have a car at school this year (it’s back home). But I will have a car this summer and all the years after that. So right now I am just stuck getting in shape for boxing, but no actual boxing. I know that to be a good boxer you have to box, but this is the best I can do right now. I didn’t want to waste forum space so I will have my program posted in reply to this thread.

DAY 1-

AM ?

3 mile interval run (sprint :45, jog 1:30)


5x5 Squat 3:00 rest
5x5 OH Press 2:00 rest
Rope abs (kneeling in front of a pulley with a rope) heavy, low reps

DAY 2-


3 mile constant pace run
Upper body plyo (clap push ups, med ball push ups, chin ladder etc)
Lower body plyo (one leg squat, body weight lunges, hindu squats)
Abs (higher reps, usually some sort of circuit)


Iron cross squat
rotator work

ex. Clean-Jerk-Back squat-Jerk
4 sets of 4 reps 1:00 rest

Total strength movement:(any 1)
a. turkish get up
b. OH Squat
c. box squat(speed)

Posterior Chain: (any 2)
a. pull through
b. CGHR (ghetto style)
c. waiters bow
d. Any kind of Good Morning
e. db swings/snatches

Upper Body (any 2)
a. chins/pull up (any variety)
b. press (floor, military etc)
c. rows

Core 1 (any 1)
a. OH walks
b. windmills
c.x-over pushups

Core 2 (any 1)
a. Farmers walk
b. hang from bar

keep rest on all movements to a max of 1:30 but more often between :30 and 1:00

DAY 3-
30 Minutes on Stairmaster varying the intensity (I know it isn?t exactly ?hardcore? but everyone at least once in their life should try it? I for one will never make fun of these machines again)

DAY 4-

3 mile interval run (sprint: 45, jog 1:30)


6x3 reps DL 3:00 rest
5x5 chins 2:00 rest
Incline sit-ups with heavy dumbbell on chest

DAY 5-


Same as day 2 but pick different movements for the lifting portion

DAY 6-

30 Minutes on Stairmaster varying the intensity
Back Bridge
K-bell snatches
Hindu Squats
Shadow boxing rounds with Jumping jack rest (I get sore from this, is that normal?)

DAY 7-

REST (AKA SNOWBOARDING OR ROCK CLIMBING?so not really rest, just no training)

I know that this looks like a lot but I am only going to be working out for 1:45 minutes MAX on any given day (with others less than that), and the work is always split up between the AM and PM.
My diet is as good as my environment permits. I try to get five meals a day, while not the best food it is certainly better than 90% of what everyone else (non-t-maggers) eats (no soda, junk or sweets.) I basically live off of eggs, cheese, wheat bread, peanut butter (natural, don?t freak), turkey jerky, LOTS of milk (about half a gallon a day), macaroni and cheese(organic) with a can of tuna in it, a BIG leafy salad with carrots at dinner, fruit at breakfast, and a multi-vitamin. That?s about all the food that I have eaten since I have been at college. Not too many choices as I am (and have to be) on my schools meal plan and our cafeteria absolutely is the worst in terms of healthy foods, although they do have cottage cheese, but I can?t stand its taste (any suggestions?)
I haven?t really cared about food as much as training because as long as I got enough of the good stuff that?s all that mattered to me. But I feel that it has been an area of my life that has been lacking, so I am going to step it up. I really need to concentrate and make a priority of eating five meals a day, instead of just three, so starting tomorrow, I will get five a day.
I have specific goals for my 10 week program and here they are:

Goals ? (no particular order)

Squat 405 (current 385)

DL 435 (current?..I know it is more than my squat, but not much)

Bench 275 (current 250)

20 Dead hang chins (current 14.999999)

80 push ups (current ?..never done more than 50 before)

<6:00 mile(current appx. 6:30)

10 minute back bridge (current 5:00)

500 hindu squats (current 255)
ain 10 lbs (I know it will be hard with all the training but I feel that this is possible since I haven?t been eating enough since I have been at school)

I also have been wondering what is the weight I should shoot for to be a good boxer at a height of 6?5??? I know that it is going to be more than 200lbs (where I am now, lol) I was thinking that after I do this program, I will drop the two constant pace morning runs, drop the number of lifting days down to three (just compounds and heavy), drop the stair masters and accessory day of back bridges, k-bell, etc? and add three days of a jump rope routine ala Davies with more k-bell (16kg and 26kg). I will also be able to go to a boxing gym hopefully 4 times a week, which is why I put myself through all of this anyway. Any comments, suggestions, flames are welcome. I also wanted to say that I love (in the platonic sense) this site and these forums.

it’s best to work on the conditioning exercises that boxer’s actually do.

jogging/running. Amatuers usually do 3 miles 2-4 times a week.

skip rope. aim for 3 minute intervals as many rounds as your comfortable with (without killing yourself) you can add more rounds as your fitness increases.

Calistenics. push ups, squats, sit ups, pull ups, etc. These are used by most boxers for muscular endurance and general conditioning.

Shadow boxing and bag work are good too, if you know the basics of punching and footwork. It sounds like youre a rank beginner but if you arent then I recommend you hit the bag and shadow box for a few rounds.

PM me if you need some more advice. I’m getting ready for a amateur MMA event in April. I can give you some advice

I do run 4 times a week and do general calithstenics 2 times. I can’t really hit a bag and I have never been coached on shadowboxing. My experience with boxing is very limited, but maybe a little more than the average person (I can hit a heavy bag without looking too funny).

What would you say are some important things that I can do to get ready for boxing training? I won’t be able to get into a boxing gym for about 10 weeks, so I want to be ready to train when I get there and not have to worry about basic conditioning as much.
Right now I can do 5-6 rounds of 3min jump rope at about 200 revolutions a minute, so my conditioning right now isn’t all that bad.

I am serious about this and I appreciate you taking any time to help me out.