My Program

I’ll give you one guess for what this prioritizes. I just finished two weeks of high rep training and plan to start this for two weeks. I am shooting for 12ish for upper body and 15 for lower, EDT style training with two 15 min blocks per workout. Is as follows:

wide pronated pulldowns
rear delt DB raise

straight bar reverse curl

standard DL
leg curl

hack squat
good morning

snatch grip bent row to upper ab
snatch grip incline bench

seated mid grip overhand row to sternum

standard DL
medicine ball slam

ST leg DL
ankle dorsiflexion

wide pronated pulldowns
rear delt DB raise

straight bar reverse curl

This program will likely be followed by big back stack and power look and abs 2k3 2X weekly for 4 weeks. Legs, abs, triceps, and upper back are my strong points. Lats need improvement, extensors are non-existant. Pecs are weak, but I don’t really care. They always feel quite sore after pullups. Would it be better to use a different EDT program and shoot for 8-12 reps for 4 weeks before the planned next phase?

lat pull downs???
such a horrible exercise IMO
try doing pull ups, please! you get stroinger so much faster, becuase you have to! if you cant lift your body weight for the required number of reps you can always self spot yourself with your feet on a chair or something. at least then you are still getting a heavy(er) negative…
as for doing DL on tues and thurs… damn thats gonna be tough especially with Gm’s and SLDL in the mix as well…
i dont know mate, i think it could be back to the drawing board with this one…

Whetu, it’s a two week program so I don’t think I’ll need to worry about overtraining. Lat pulldowns were chosen because I can’t do anywhere near 12 reps, much less for 3 or 4 sets, on wide pullups. I’m talking about wider than snatch grip.

try doing a horizontal vertical split for your back (ie mon horizontal rows, thurs vertical rows). it’ll give you a bit more variety, and its a bloody good way to train your back!!

Whetu, I have used a lot of Ian King in the past, but I didn’t think of applying that this time. After your suggestion, I decided to do that. I think it will work well. I couldn’t make it to the gym yesterday, so I did 12 sets of 2 for mid grip pullups instead.