my program

heres my current program,started yesterday

mon. upper: a1-bench 5x5 20X 2min a2-weighted wide over-hand grip chin5x5 20X 2min
b1-skull crusher5x2 31X close grip bench combo51X 1min b2-preacher curls 5x5 41X 1min
tue. off
wed. lower:power cleans 5x5 2min leg curls5x52 min 11X calves 4x4 22X ab circuit
fri. repeat mon
weekend off
mon. lower: squats [parallel]l 5x5 31X 1legged curls 5x5 11X calves 4x422X ab circuit
tue: off
wed: etc…
all leg work is done after 250 jumpers and progressively more intense whole court sprints.
i obviously play basketball.
just like to know what everyone thinks. eat about3200-3500 cals daily on 60/20/20 carb/pro/fat
thanks, flash

oh yeah, i’m 21 5’9" 156lbs max bench 220-225 max squat425 [parrallel] max power clean [ only been doin these for about 2months] 185x2 my goals are to weigh 175, bench 350 squat 525 and pc 350
my vertical leap is about 37" and my 40 time is in the 4.4 range. the majority of my athleticism is natural [ first punched when i was 17. 5’7" and 135ish] so am not too worried about that, but am OBSESSIVE about gettin that bodyweight and weightroom #'s.
any and all help is appreciated.
thanks, flash