My Program

hello guys

I just want to know if you think i’m training correctly , and what would change in this routine

I’m 16 years old and i’ve been training for 6 month

so my routine is :

tuesday : chest/back

bench press 55 i often change the rep ranges depending on past week performance (fro 53 to 5*5 )
incline db press : 4 sets of 6 to 15 reps depending of the period and on how much i did last week
landmine press 3 sets
db flyes

back : lat pulldow 3-4 6-12
db rows : 3-4* 6-12
close grip seated horizontal cable row 4*6-15

Wednesday : delts/arms

barbell lateral raises superset dumbell lateral raises
reverse peck deck

rope hammer curls tryng to mix high reps and heavy weight on this exercies
double cable curl : mixing high reps with heavy weight on this one two

triceps pushdown with v bar and rope : heavy and high reps too

friday : chest and back
bench press: 3-6/8 2 bak off sets with 85 percents of the previous sets
incline barbell pres 12 6 8 10 12
landmine press / cable flyes

close grip chin ups ( neutral grip ) 3-4* 6 - 12
yates row going for a pyramid miwing high rep with “heavy sets”
tbar neutral grip row same reps ranges as the yates row

legs :
squat 5*5
leg pres 4 *6-12
sissy squat ( the move is finished when you are horizontal to the floor and the upper back almost touch the floor )
meadow squat
stiff legged deadlifts

sunday : delts and arms

db press
lateral raises sitting on a incline bench
bent over lateral raises for the rear delt

dumbell curls
preacher curl
barbell hammer curl

close grips bench press
skull scrushers
bench dips

Thanks for reading everything , i’m trying to have a lot of frequency here in order to often do the big lifts

sorry for the english i’m from france

I feel like you didn’t respond to the last responses people were kind enough to give you on this exact topic so I would imagine you’ll get a much worse response the second time around.

[quote]EZOHMATE wrote:
sorry for the english i’m from france [/quote]
Good. So when I say “deja vu”, you’ll know what I mean.

Arrête de faire le connard et répond aux questions de Chris. Il vas t’aider, mais seulement si tu écoute.