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My Program!


Hey guys,

I am new to weightlifting and it has been around a week. I have looked around everywhere but I cannot seem to get a clear answer, thus I am starting this thread. My friends do not do weights and if they do they are to selfish to tell me because I might get better than them. I play basketball and I want to stop being pushed around on the court as if I wasn't even there. I am trying to get stronger, bigger, faster, and jump higher. I have a few questions and hopefully you guys can help me:

  1. I drink around 3.57 liters of milk(2%) everyday. Is this bad?, should I drink more?

  2. When I do weights, I feel like it is very short, around 35 mins. Is this normal?, maybe it is because I do basketball programs which last much longer.

  3. For my post workout blend, should I get blend or isolate? Why? Also which blend do I buy, from this place(money is not a problem)?

  4. I am new to weights, should I edit my workout? What would u recommend me to change/fix?
    (Alternate between workouts)
    Workout A:
    3x5 Squats
    3x5 Bench Press
    1x5 Dead lift (Should I increase?)
    2x Dips till failure
    3x Chin Up till failure

Workout B:
3x5 Squat
3x5 Standing military press
3x5 Power cleans
2x Dips
3x Pull Up till failure
Info about me:
- 5"11
- 125lb
- 16 years old
*If you want numbers for how much I lift, I will post.

Thanks guys.



  1. Way too much milk. That much protein can cause kidney failure.

  2. Working out way too long. Shorten it by about 30 minutes.

  3. Definitely a blend. Coke/Pepsi stacks are probably the most anabolic.

  4. Workouts suck. Try something more like this.

Sit up 30X3
Concentration DB Curl in the squat rack 50 x 1.

Ok really, joking aside. Look up Westside for Skinny Bastards. It's an old program, but should get you on the right track. Haven't really been on the site for a while so there may be some newer articles/programs that may be better suited for you. Good Luck man.


This will probably be moved to the beginners section, but:

  1. How much you eat/drink depends on whether you are gaining weight or not. Gaining 1lbs a week? No? eat more. With 3.5l of milk, you're already taking in 2000cals, and 110g of protein a day. Don't neglect your solid meals.

  2. As you get stronger, your sessions will last longer (more warm up sets etc). But 35mins is fine

  3. Doesn't matter what protein, just get enough of it and make sure it is complete protein (e.g. 1-1.5g/lb in bodyweight...which for you will be about 125-190g/day). At the end of the day, your body uses it just the same.

  4. Workout's fine for now. Main thing is increasing weights every week. No workout will work if you don't do that lol. Aim for around 5lbs extra to each lift. It should be difficult and you should feel really well worked (high intensity)


I'd cut out the milk personally and start eating the shit out of real food (chicken, steak, rice, potatoes), split your calories up between 6-8 smaller meals a day rather than 3 meals a day

like the guy said above, the program is fine because your beginning but overtime you are going to want to change it..since you play basketball I would suggust a push/pull/leg/off split (then repeat)

Your sessions are normal (I usually only lift 45-60min a day)

I would recommend a good whey protein.


I don't neglect any meals and I do eat "shit out of real food". It is just that I ALSO drink the 3.5 liters of milk. Should I still reduce it?, because I don't let the milk stop me from eating other foods.


I'm just saying, you'd be better off ditching the milk and replacing those calories with food that has a better nutrient profile to it...milk isn't even that beneficial for putting on muscle..


Wow. . . so wrong.

Stick with the milk.


How is it wrong? are you saying that red meat/fish/chicken is worse than milk? your friggin high


At 5'11, 125, 16 years old, you need to EAT. A LOT. Milk is good, liquid is an easy way to add in calories that aren't too filling. Shit, if you're skinny enough, you may even consider making it chocolate milk, just so it tastes better and you can drink EVEN MORE of it.

Did you create that program on your own, or base it around something that's already out there? How long do you plan on running that program?

Do workouts A and B alternate every other day?

yes, post your maxes, would be very helpful.


Yeah I understand its high in calories and if your skinny that's a good thing, but his option would be better to eat solid foods that will help pack on size better..


Why? Milk has all the same nutrients as any other food.


Why not do both then. Drink milk and eat lots of solid food, that's what I do.


Strictly speaking, you'll gain weight whether it's liquid or not - when I was younger and about your weight, I put on about 50lbs in my first year (very high, but I was extremely lean too so when I filled out it didn't look that bad). I did that from many high calorie drinks (based on dairy)

As a newbie though, you're better off getting into a good feeding habit (e.g. oats/rice/meat/bananas/eggs/fish...and a side plate of vegetables or whatever each day for health). Good solid meals. Then, the milk becomes supplementary (if you chose to drink milk). At your weight, age and activity level, I'd be aiming for AT LEAST 3000 calories a day (wouldn't surprise me if you needed up to 4000 cals/day). So you may get around 2000 calories from solid meals (e.g. 3 solid meals, around 600 cals each), then the other ~1000 cals from 2 milk and whey shakes...you get the picture.

  1. I don't know what a liter is, so I can't really tell you if that's good or bad.
  2. Time is not a huge factor as long as you get done what you need to get done. Usually an hour is a good time frame.
  3. I prefer ON. I haven't bought anything from here so I can't recommend it from experience, but it's supposedly very very good stuff. I'd get something advertised as a gainer at your weight.
  4. You may want to try Starting Strength or 5/3/1 (BBB or Triumvirate).


his workout looks alil like ripptoe's 5x5
125lbs is very light bro especially for 5'11
im 16, 165lbs, 5 foot 8
i started around your weight though but alil shorter
i suggest u keep your calories to a level (mines 3000, going for 3500)
and have 125-190g protein per day, no need for extra
but by the sounds of it u would need alil fat
start a proper routine if u haven't already, rippetoe's 5x5 is closest to that you have mentioned
i do bill starr's 5x5
eat big, train hard, and u will get results
(im still a beginner too, good to see another 16 yr old lifter around)


Thanks for replies guys, nice to see people help out.
I realize that I need to eat a lot and I will try my best. That program was created by my friend who has been training for a while now, pretty ripped, squats 405lb. He said to do it for around 2 months so I can get stronger for more body specific weights. I do alternate workouts.
( I am weak)

Squat : 105lb (3x5)
Benchpress: 65lb (3x5)
Deadlift: 85lb (1x5)
Military Press Standing: 45lb (3x5)
Bent Rows : 85lb (3x5)

I think I am going to replace the bent over rows with the power cleans, what do you guys think?


If you mean replace cleans with rows, yes, that's a good move. The program is a lacking a horizontal pull without that move.


Why only 1 set of deadlifts in workout A? I don't see how you can progress on this lift this way. Also, you have virtually zero back work in there. Get some rowing in each workout.


Low volume on the deadlifts is an excellent way of progressing on it. Years ago I discovered this by accident when I decided to just throw it (deadlift) in my routine once a week and 1 set; I wasn't bothered about it but to my amazement realised that I was making 10lbs+ jumps on the bar each week, with seemingly hardly any effort.

Later on, when the deadlift became a favourite, I promoted the lift (lol). Gave it more sets (roughly 2-4 like most other exercises), and did it as frequently as other lifts (roughly twice every 5 days)...lo and behold, felt like I was dying while lifting, and load progression stalled.

Moral of the story, big exercises, especially deadlifts, like low volume :slight_smile: