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My Program to Add Some Mass This Winter



played football in high school, and am currently training for the rugby in the spring. Im looking to add some more mass this winter before the weather warms up, when i will do my cut. I just finished up a run of 5x5, after lifting the way the football coaches dictated in high school.

6'2" 200 lbs (15% bf?)
Bench: ~200lbs
Squat: ~260lbs
Deadlift: ~350lbs

Diet: As im in college, im limited on my meals as far as lunch and dinner, but they usually have some decent choices, for breakfast i typically eat 6 eggs, and some toast. I have 1 shake a day, pwo or in between meals on nonworkout days. I also drink about 1/2 - 3/4 gallons of milk a day. Weight has been going up steadily, nothing too fast or too slow.

Current workout routine:

*bench press
close grip 3x10
oh press 3x10
dips 3x max
lateral raises, rear raises, and some other pre-hab shoulder stuff

RDLs 3x10
barbell lunges 3x10
leg curls 3x10

horizontal row 3x10
lat pulldown 3x10
db curls 5x10

same as monday

*front squat
power cleans 3x3
RDLs 3x10
lunges 3x10

*i will be periodizing the main lifts, starting with 5 sets of 8 at about 65%1rm and working down to 3x2 at 95-100% 1rm, this is how my football coaches had me lifting when i began weightlifting, and it seemed to work well.

any constructive criticism on my routine will be apreciated, as well as when i should work in cardio and core work. Also, anyone with diet tips for bulking while in college will be greatly appreciated.


my best friends outside of the dining hall are whey, tuna, natty peanut butter, and oats. all fairly cheap too.


Might wanna add some more volume in for lats and upper back. I know I wouldn't get results just from doing

once a week


why have you group two squat days and a daedlift day so close together?


@rocky, how should i go about adding more volume in? more on back day? or should i work some in on other days?

@caveman, ive always benefited from working legs 2-3 times a week, and i need to increase work capacity before the rugby season starts


More on back day. Maybe something like:
Pullups 4 sets
T-bar rows 4 sets
Lat pulldown machine (I like the Hammer Smith one) 4 sets
Single arm dumbbell rows 4 sets