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My Program / Seeking Help


Sunday Push
Bench 2x6 2x4 2x2
DBell Bench 3x10+
Standing DBell OHP 2x8
CG Decline 3x8
Dips 3xFail
Push Downs 3x30

Monday Legs
Squat 3x2
RDL’s (George Leeman Style) working up to 1 set of 20
Hammy Curl 3x20
Quad Extension 3x15
Calf Raise 3xFail

Wednesday Push
Speed Bench 4x3
CG Bench 4x8
Dumbbell OHP 3x10
Lat Raise 3x10
Skull Crusher 3x20

Friday Legs
Squat 3x8
Box Squat - Work up to 1 set of 15+
Quick Bobybuilding assistance

Deadlift Heavy triples, or an AMRAP 5-20 reps between 315-405 (recently)
Yates Rows 3 sets 15-12-10
Shrugs 4 sets 15-15-12-12
Behind Neck Pull Downs 5x10
Pull Downs 3xfail
Cheat Barbell Curls 3xFail

Anything look off here? Im trying to add an other bench day if i could find the right recovery, any tips and pointers on what i should add to bring up my bench

Also thinking of changing my heavy doubles to triples


Too much. Simplify it. Get rid of all speed work. Get rid of box squats. 20 rep deadlifts are a no-no for you if you’re asking for our help on programming.

Basically, scrap the whole thing and start over.

Keep it much simpler. I don’t know how much experience you have, but you’d do well to just work the 60-85% range in the 2-5 rep range. Just squat, bench and deadlift. Add in a couple extra exercises to support the main lifts. Eat well and sleep well. It’s simple really. Just put in the work.


Too much volume. My programs used to look like this but it is just unsustainable (for natty lifters, anyway). 5/3/1 for mass (from beyond 5/3/1) is more than enough. I know it’s more fun to play with our own programs, but think long term. Good luck!