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My Program in the Making, Tweaks?


I took the routine that beefking or whoever that guy who wrote the "do this routine instead of that stupid one" and had to modify it

against my will of course, but I have very bad gyms by me and I already have the convenience of nice home gym. only problem is that all I have to work around the stuff I do not have..lack of dumb bells, no cables, no medicine balls..just adjustable bench and squat

so here is the routine i'm making copying off of beefkings routine and making modifications to it

*All exercises are ramped
*Numbers at end in parentheses are how many sets to failure to do on that exercise
*Rest 90-120 secs between sets, 2-3 mins if you did a set to failure on a compound movement and are about to do another set to failure on the same movement
*Should be able to finish these workouts in an hour or less

5 day split, 1x a week frequency

Monday- Chest/Calves

Incline barbbell Press - 4x 6-10 (2)
Flat Barbell Press - 3x 6-10 (1)
Decline barbell press - 3x 6-10 (2)
Wide grip bench press � 3x6-10(2)
Standing calf raises - 6x 8-10 (2) (1-2 mins rest for calves)

Tuesday- Back

Pull ups - 50 or as many as you can do in 10 minutes
Barbell Rows - (torso at 45ish degree angle) 4x 8-10 (1)
standing rows - 3x 8-10 (2)
Bicep barbell curls -4 x 8-10

Wednesday- Legs (2-3 second negatives recommended on all exercises)

Lying leg curls - 4x 6-8 (2)
RDL's - 4x 8-10 (1)
Front Squats 3 8-10
Squats - 3x 8-10 (1)
Half squat � 4x10

Thursday- Abs/ rest

I can�t really find a good ab routine..i have no idea if I should do weighted, or how much I should do

Friday - Shoulders/Traps/arm

Overhead Press - 4x 6-10 (2)
lateral raises - 3x 8-12 (2)
Shrugs - 4x 8-10 (2)
Close grip bench 4 x 6-10
Close grip bent over row 4 x6-10

Saturday- Abs

Repeat Thursdays Once I get ab routine


Ok so I also forgot to say that My forearms are really small…so I will add 3x a week forarm work…it’s easy to do just 4x10 high rep stuff that will hope for some damn size

my ab routine is still a big ? cuz I do not know which way to attack it…should I use weights, or should it be a bw thing…I was looking for this one Joe Defranco used to have up but the vid is gone, so i’m still looking


what are your goals exactly? strength or size?

as for abs i know he NSCA published an article a few years ago that showed that deadlifts and squats work the abs, as well as other spinal stabilizers, more so than direct work like planks or supermans.

on forearms i used to do a lot of direct work with grippers, wrist curls, and pinch stuff. i found once i started usings KBs, and doing farmers, more deads, and sledge work and only supplementing with what i did before i starting seeing far more strength and size gain. overall i do less direct work to them. and i also would use a towel and thick bars to do rows and pullups sometimes which can really fry your grip and add up some strength.

plus i found my back got a lot stronger too and i havent used lifting straps in years now.


I just made a decision that has been working so far

i’m doing a 5rep scheme to build up more strength…then I will hit up this routine once I can get my maxes to something decent

that way I will probably hit higher rep in a few months and I will have far more success with some strength