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My Program-Good,Bad or Ugly


I have been using this program for a while now and seen some great gains but I would just like some constructive criticism as to how I could be making greater gains as I am well aware that there is always room for improvement.
I'm so strict with my diet that it drives the people around me insane as I eat every 2.5-3 hrs and NEVER skip a meal meaning I can't go anywhere without taking a packed lunch or two. I've got the drive to make the most out of my training so I may as well throw my program out there for you guys to tell me that I'm "doing it all wrong."
I'm guessing that it's going to lead to "Starting Strenth" by Mark Rippetoe and I'm fine with that as long as it's the right road for me to follow.

Most of my lifts are going up every month and I lift just enough to fail(or close to)on 12 rep.
AND I have never bothered with 1RM as my lifts are always increasing.

Mon-Chest: ( I have currently stopped pressing for 3 weeks due to injury)
3x12 Benchpress /Bar ( 132lb .... I know)
3x12 Benchpress / DB
3x12 Benchpress / Smith Machine
3x12 Chest DB flyes 3x12 Chest cable flyes
3x12 Close grip smith machine benchpress
3x12 tricep cable pulldown
3x12 overhead extention (double grip/1 DB)
2x12 Dips
3x12 cable overhead extentions

(I'm having trouble increasing my lifting weight with squats as I am focusing on deep squatting... Not ATG but way passed paralel.I am still getting DOMS everyweek as I simply increase the amount of sets to add more intensity to my workout.If I add just a little too much weight I can't squat as deep and my aim is to focus more on technique.I have failed a couple of times in the squatbox therefore I am starting to know my limits.Basically what I am saying is that I CAN add more weight but by doing so I can't squat as deep therefore I won't bother doing so until my legs develop a little more)

1x12 Squat ( warm-up 132lb)
Yesterday was-
9x6-7 reps (220lb)
3x12 45deg Legpress (484lb)
3x12 Romanian DL
3x12 Goodmornings
6x15 Calf raises (machine)


Thursday- Back/Bic
3x12 lat pulldown (behind head)
3x12 lat pulldown (to chest)
5x12 seated rows
3x12 bent over rows
3x12 standing EZ-Bar bicep curls
2x12 standing db curls
3x12 cable barbell curls (EZ-Bar)
2x12 seat db curls
2x12 seated isolated DB curls (1 DB against leg)


Saturday- Shoulders ( I have recently cut the trap raises and flyes as I thought this was causing my shoulder injury)

3x12 trap raises
3x12 shoulder flyes (in front)
3x12 seated shoulder press (behind head)
3x12 seated shoulder press (to chest)
3x12 seated db press
1x12 Deadlift (warmup 132lb)
1x8 Deadlift 220lb
4x6 Deadlift 330lb
1x6 Deadlift 352lb
6x12 Shrugs ( smith machine 264lb )

Benchpress is out of the question now due to shoulder injury and that was my weakest excerise (132lb :frowning: . Ironically the exercise I needed to improve the most I now cannot perform for a while.

BTW - If you need to know precise weight I can add them but all my lift are aiming to fail ( or close to ) on the 12th rep.


Man, change your avatar...


Done. just for you and the sake of this thread I'll change it to something of no humour whatsoever.


What was your avatar before the dude with the chainsaw?..

Anyways, it looks like a good program. I don't see anything wrong with it.


WoW! men, that new avatar is really funny, really:) but ok! now it's much better...


For my taste, you've got a little too much volume for the rep range used (f.eks. 21 sets on shoulders alone). On legs and upper back you can get away with that because those bodyparts tend to respond quite well to such an approach. For the other bodyparts I'd shoot for 5 to 12 sets in the 3 to 5 rep range (you mentioned "gains" so I assume you're going for size and strength).

Bottom line, if it works for you keep doing it! However, if you feel that your progress has stalled, try a lower volume/ heavier load approach.


3x12 standing EZ-Bar bicep curls
2x12 standing db curls
3x12 cable barbell curls (EZ-Bar)
2x12 seat db curls
2x12 seated isolated DB curls (1 DB against leg)

LOL dude your program is absolute shit. your doing EVERY type of variation posssible for some of your lifts hahahaha. stick to basic lifts: deadlift, squat, benchpress, pull-up, chin-ups, military press, rows.


i highly doubt you deadlift 300+ and only bench 132lbs... why lie?


LOL! Thanks...Seriously I can only take that as a compliment.

Yes indeed, my deadlifts do seem to be a strong point with me (considering I've only been lifting seriously for 4 months) and to be quite honest it is the exercise that I look forward to doing all week as I love em!

I agree with you 100% "why lie?" There is nothing to gain by going on an online forum looking for advise only to be lying about the facts. That defeats the purpose of posting the question in the first place.
Me personally... I hate bullshiters. Check out my profile info if you like.That's hardly anything to brag about.(although I'm proud of what I've achieved)

I also admit that my bench is nothing short of embarrassing. That probably has everything to do with why I now have a shoulder injury. I have been busting my ass to get my weights up but that seems to be difficult for me and now I can't bench at all.

I can understand you doubting what I've stated but I don't appeciate being called a liar.

BTW My deadlift is 352lb not 300+



There's something in your tone here that I just can't seem to take seriously but I can't put my finger on it.