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My Program for Upcoming Rugby Season


Sat Fullbody max effort
Mon rest
Tue Abs/Calfs
Wed Chest/Back
Thu Shoulders/Calfs
Fri Arms

Sat Fullbody

Deadlifts 5/4/3/2/1
Clean and press 5/4/3/3
Power clean 5/5/4/4
Box Squat 5/5/4/4
Widegrip lat pulldown 5/5/5/5/5
Flat bench press 5/4/3/2/1
Barbell Row 5/5/4/4
Glut ham raise 5/5/5/5/5

Tue Abs/Calfs

Cable crunch 10x4
Hanging leg raise 10x4
Plank 10x4
Roman Chair 10x4

Standing calf raise 20/15/12/10
Seated calf raise 20/15/12/10
Super set with isomentic holds for as long as possible on the last rep of each set.

Wed Chest/Back

Super set
bench press 15/12/10/8
Poliquin pull ups from best of back article. wide grip/mid grip ect

super set
incline DB press 12/10/8/8
Iso dynamic rows from best of back 4 sets

super set
Wide grips 10-12 x 4
cobra pulldowns 10-12 x 4

super set
press ups AMAP x4
Chest surported row 10 x 4

super set

DB flys 10-12 x 4
Pulldowns 10-12 x 4

Thu Shoulders

Seated DB press 15/12/10/8
Seated Power cleans 10-12 x 4

super set
Upright row 12/10/8/8
Cable rear flys 12 x 4

super set
Lat raise 15 x 4
rear flys 12 x 4

super set
Front raises 12-15 x 4
Shrugs 12-15 x 4

Delt triads x 3

Calf - same as before

fri arms

Super set
Barbell curls 5 x 5
close grip bench press 5 x 5

super set
wide grip curls 5 x 5
tricep pushdowns 10 x 4

super set
tricep dips 5 x 5
close grip BB curl 5 x 5

Super set
Hammer curls 10 x 4
Scull crusher 10 x 4

super set
zotman curls 10 x 4
close grip push up 10 x 4

Any critisims or extra ideas will be great, Im gona be starting this or a modifide version in a weeks time, with a aim to gain strength, size and power for the upcoming rugby season. Thanks for any help.


I would like to see your diet plan aswell, im posting my stuff probably tonight take a look at it.



Why are you only working your legs on your full body day?


I have been recoving from a knee injure and my recovery time is awful so I would not be recovered if I trained them more than once a week, and as I am a rower I need them fresh for the training sesions on saturday and sunday.

My deit is:

meal 1

300g of cottage cheese and 1 scoop of Metabolic Drive (MD) and L Leuciene
3 slices of whole grain toast
1 banana

meal 2

4 chicken slices
2 slices of bread with cheese and salad

Meal 3

whatever is being cooked, always lots of meat, and vedge

pre workout meal

300ml of milk 2 scoops MD and L Leuciene
3 slices of toast
simple sugars just before workout, cerial bar or fruit

post workout meal

300ml of milk 2 scoops MD and L Leuciene
Simple sugars
2 slice of toast

before bed

300g of cottage cheese
1 scoop of MD