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My Program for Criticism

46 year okd on trt and looking at my programming. Ive been having people at my gym say i need to choose a more definitive path with my training. Powerlifting vs bodybuilding etc. im still improving on my plan but due to my age im conscious of injury prevention and adequate recovery.

I was wanting people to critique my program if possible. I definitely have some aspects that are strength training and others that are more aesthetic.


Tabata warm up

Squat 5x5 work sets

Hamstring curl 3x10

Bench 5x10 work sets

Pushup/kettle bell swing complex 3x20 each

Pull up 3x10

Bent over row 3x10

farmers walk


Tabata warm up

Lunge 5x10 each side

romanian dead lift or good morning 3x10

Ohpress 5x5 or land mine press 5x10

Land mine Lat raise 3x8

Rear delt flies 3x10

Deadlift trap bar 3x5

bent row 5x5

Chinup 3x10

Farmers walk

I rotate these workouts m/w/f
On sat i do a dedicated arms/traps/calves workout with more volume oriented

Anyway im just curious if i should focus on one aspect at a time then periodically periodizize to another or just keep going till i stall out

60yo here.
I think you can you can strength train and have some aesthetic, but a compromise. Aesthetic may be diet related, depending on your goal. Strength is strength.
I would make a plan you can recover from., that’s your call.
I would be pick 1-2 main movements per session. Then sets of 3-5 reps on your working sets, I like a top set, not sets across a weight.
Then 1-2 exercises that build on the first movement for 3-5 sets of 8-15 reps. Then a small single joint to “pump” up what you’re doing.1-3 sets of 15-25 reps.
You can vary and pick what you like. Main is a multi-joint barbell.
For example.
BP work to a top 5 then CGBPor DBBP for 5x10, then tricep pushdown 3x15. Do pull-ups or lat Pulldown between BP sets. Curls with the second exercise and some “ core “ with the push downs.
I would save the tabatha or conditioning for a different day.
I think Jim Wendler work, particularly his last book is a good framework. I’m not a trainer, just what I found to be recoverable. Part of the fun is finding what works for you.
Good luck and thank you for your service.

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