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My Program: BS or Decent?

I’m trying to make a new program. Lately, I’ve been doing some of Chad Waterbury’s programs (Waterbury Method, ABBH. I’ve decided to go with a 4 day per week, Push, Pull, Full Body, and 1 Olympic Lift day with Cardio. I’ll be playing basketball with around 3 practices per week during this routine. I want to gain mostly strength and size with some explosive strength. My diet is around 3000cals a day(152 pounds, 5’6’’, 16 years old).

Day One: Push
A1 Bench Press
A2 Squat
5x5, do 1 set bench rest 60sec 1 set squat rest and repeat
Shoulder press 4x6
Incline dumbell Fly 4x6
Dumbell Bulgarian split squat 4x6
D/b Front raises 4x6
Calve raises 4x6
Tricep Pushdown 4x6
Russian Twists 4x6
Rest 60 second between each set

Day Two: Pull
A2D/b Row
5x5, do 1 set deadlift rest 60sec 1 set row rest and repeat
Pull Up 4x6
GHR 4x6
Upright row 4x6
Curl Variation 4x6
Decline Sit ups 4x6
Rest 60 seconds between sets

Day Three: Full Body

Day Four: Olmpic lifts/Running
Clean from floor 5x3
Snatch from floor 5x3
Running 30s sprint/90sec jog

I need some advice and critism on this program. Are the push/pull days good enough to use? What should my full body be like? I was thinking having a squat/dead and bench/row superset for 5x5 switching between them each week (ie. do bench row week 1 5x5, squat/dead 5x5 week two). What should my day four consist of? I know you should do olympic lifts in very few reps. Thanks for any advice/changes.