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My Proclamation to the World

I no longer give a fuck about an aesthetically pleasing physique. All I care about is putting hundreds of pounds on my shoulders and moving through space without my spine crumbling like a toothpick. Therefore, I shall torture my legs, back and core until I am a beast.

Current Stats:
35 years old
6ft 2inch, 214 lbs

Best lifts:
Front Squat: 174 lbs X 7 reps (please ridicule me)
Deadlift: 333 lbs X 2 reps
Bench: 232 lbs X 6 reps

Today’s Workout:

Chinups (Chest touches bar on ALL reps)
BW x5, 10 x5, 25 x5, 35 x5, 45 x2, 35 x4, 25 x4, 10 x5,5,5,5 = total of 50 reps

Dumbell Row
77.5 lbs and strap for extra resistance (unfortunately, 70lbs dumbbell is the heaviest I have access to)
final set, take off strap and do 20

Leg Raise
5 lbs: 10,8,6,5,4

Ab Roll:

Today’s Workout:

Front Squat:
174 lbs: 5 5 4 2 1
On the last two sets, I was seeing stars. My legs felt like rubber after I had re-racked the bar. Is it possible to choke yourself with the bar when doing front squats? Or, more likely, am I just so weak that a couple of sets of 174 lb front squats turn me into gumby???

Good Morning:
88 lbs: 5
110: 5
133: 5
144: 3
144: 3

Glute/Ham Raise:
(I don’t have a GHR machine so I just hook my feet under the power rack. I’m not strong enough to do this exercise, so I set up bands to help me lower my body under control and then pull back up using my hammies.)