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My Problem with Wikileaks

As you all probably all know now; Assange has been arrested, and will most likely be extradited to the U.S. for his crimes.

I almost had a stoke when his lawyers and supporters started to spew out all of the bullshit about it being “a terrible day for Journalism and the Truth”.

My issue for a while has been the often “one-sided” nature of the “truths” they chose to publish.

  • Where are all of the classified documents of say China, Iran or even Russia?

  • Where are the videos of Russian and Iranian war footage and “atrocities”?

  • In 2016; where were all of the leaked documents from the RNC?

  • In 2016; where were all of the leaked documents from the Trump Campaign or from Trump’s personal records? (Hell; the U.S. Congress can’t seem to even get access to the man’s Tax Returns).

It just seems to me that Assange and Wikileaks tend to be very selective; and often one-sided; with all of the “truths” they wish to publish.

I could be wrong in all this…so please feel free to set me straight about this great journalistic “loss” that the World is suffering.

Fire away.

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Add Israel to that list.

Yeah, it’s basically Anti-US Leaks. But at the same time the US does a lot of bad shit around the world, quite likely more than any other country, so its good that someone is exposing what they have done.

I don’t think Trump or the Republicans or anyone on the right is associated with Wikileaks, it’s now under US pressure that Ecuador let the cops take him and also remember that it was Obama that pardoned Bradley Manning, AKA Chelsea.

That makes me wonder, was Manning really in the transsexual thing before this or is this some crazy way of making an example of him? Fuck with us, we will chop off your dick and balls and pump you full of estrogen until you can’t remember your name anymore.


Agree (to a point)…but it sure doesn’t take a huge conspiracy leap to realize that they favored Trump and the RNC in the last Presidential Election.

I highly doubt that Trump and the RNC had greater security protocols in place in 2016 than Clinton and the DNC.

Let me make it clear, guys…

I’m not angry at what happened to Clinton and the DNC…because it did reveal some underhanded shit. (I am sure that Trump and the RNC had their fair share also).

I am angry about Wikileaks hypocrisy and elevating themselves as some example of “pure” Journalism and Integrity.


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I don’t think the responsibility should fall on the journalist, but on the individual who broke their contract with the government and leaked.

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  1. Responsibility for…?

  2. I understand where you are coming from with the Government part…but what about the Leaks of Clinton’s e-mails/DNC?

Wikileaks would have FAR more credibility (to me) if they had ALSO leaked e-mails and documents from Trump and the RNC.

What sort of credibility do they lack? Nobody is disputing the authenticity of the stuff they are leaking. If Trump and the Republicans have something to do with them then it’s jut another example of Trump stabbing people in the back, the US is asking for him to be extradited. Apparently they have a warrant for him for conspiracy charges. That’s weird because he never committed any crimes on US soil and isn’t a US citizen, how does the US have the ability to prosecute non-citizens for supposed crimes outside their borders?

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Well they are arresting him. I suppose he is being held responsible for the leaks.

Possibly they only leak what they have, and didn’t have info on the RNC and trump? I could be wrong, and maybe they have info from both?

Assange has had a hard on for America as well as Clinton. He has an agenda and is not about the whole truth but the truth that furthers it.

As far as the idea that the USA has probably been responsible for more terrible shit in the world than anyone else:

A. Why does everyone from every shit hole country want to come here?

B. Why does every shit hole country want our help?


I’ve indicated this more than once.

The information released tends to be far too “one-sided”…

Now…you guys have brought up “an” argument about not having broken a crime on U.S. soil. However (if I am not mistaken); espionage puts one into a completely different territory. (NOTE: I am not an expert; nor do I know the LEGAL standing that the U.S. has. Maybe someone else can chime in).

Just because a crime is not committed on our soil doesn’t mean anything. An American can do something that is legal in one country but illegal here and still face charges.

He’s not American. How do they have jurisdiction over him?

Not everyone does, but a lot of them. Mostly because their countries are worse off, and often directly as a result of US actions (Central America for example).

Because you have more money than them and they need help.

I think they don’t yet. That’s why they needed foreign police to do the arrest and had to request extradition

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Central America was not a paradise before the US ever existed. If the US never existed it would still be underdeveloped and impoverished.

Other countries have money.

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Yeah, but they have to charge him with something or have a warrant for him (which they do) to extradite him. When Sweden wanted to extradite him it was because he was accused of rape/sexual assault over there, but he didn’t commit any crimes in the US and is not a citizen. It’s like the US is the global police now, and they won’t join the ICC either.

Define “in the US.”

The US was involved in civil wars, backing the El Salvador government that was carrying out massacres and abducting children, and did all kinds of shit like training and operating death squads, this is what led to the current situation

The same people want their money too.

On US territory. Which is not the whole earth, by the way.

I have to say I’m surprised by your responses. In other interactions with you I got the impression that you were some sort of fanatical leftist. Maybe me and you have complete opposite ideas of right and wrong.

It’s not right and wrong but the law. You can commit a crime against a country or a citizen of a country without being in that country. Bin Laden wasn’t on US soil when 9/11 occurred but that doesn’t mean he didn’t commit a crime we could punish him for.