My Pregnenolone....Experience

Been on TRT for several years, numbers are all in line. Several weeks ago I decide to try adding 10mg Pregnenolone daily to my morning supplements with hopes it may help my thinning hair and possibly give libido a boost. Nothing to report on that end yet but I have 100% noticed that I am not getting that after lunch tired spell at all when I am bored at work and the same goes for not starting to fall asleep on the couch after dinner and having some wine… It has been several weeks and energy is without a doubt better. just wanted to share my experience for the last several weeks.


That’s great, glad you’re getting benefits from it.

Is it OTC or compounded pharma? Slow release?

That includes progesterone/DHEA levels? Or they were low and you decided to supplement? Just curious what the baseline was before starting

Nothing special, just 10mg Pregnenolne by Pure Encapsulations from Amazon. I read that too high a dose is no good so I gave this a try. I am finding myself having to make myself go to bed…

Whoops, I guess I never tested for Preg, I was looking at my Prolactin which is normal and in mid range. My DHEA is 350

I do sublingual preg first thing in the morning. There is a noticeable difference in my cognition when taking it. Clearer thinking and speaking. A little more aggression and confidence.

It’s worth trying for sure. After starting TRT, mine was way low, outside of range.

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How much do you take?? I am with Defy and was with someone else before that and apparently this is not a test that they recommend, either it is too costly or they don’t see the need. I am now wondering if I should test preg or just keep up with what I am doing or maybe try adding another 10mg at bedtime… although I am pretty happy with where it is at now so I will keep up on this protocol for another month for everything to stabilize…

I think i take 25mg.

But don’t take it before bed. I think it may affect sleep negatively.

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Pregnenolone, a steroid hormone increases the production of other hormones, and it’s likely one of these was low and the pregnenolone increased it.

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Testing for pregnenolone is unreliable.

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do you think it’s beneficial to take if low?

I absolutely do.

I think it is if prog/DHEA are low and you don’t feel like you’re getting the most out of TRT. But I wouldn’t if they are low but you’re feeling good

Based off available tests no. For memory only, maybe, and in that case I’d take DHEA.