My Pregnancy Workout Journal

Hello Ladies!!! I’m back! I was on in 2009/2010 and logged a bunch of stuff through my first two figure competitions. Well, now it’s almost 2 years later and I’m married and now 5 months pregnant!

I was very sick the first 4 months of pregnancy. Morning sickness every day, no energy to do anything at all. I think I made it to the gym maybe 4 times in the first 4 months, which was quite different from my usual 4-6 days a week!

Well, now my energy levels are up and I’m ready to be a fit prego chick! I’ll be logging my nutrition and workouts. I found journaling previously really helped me stay on track.

The past few months Ive been eating pretty much whatever I want, but everything in moderation. I don’t think I’ve actually ate to the point of stuffing myself except for on Thanksgiving :slight_smile: I’ve ate VERY clean for the past 5 years, but during my first trimester I pretty much just ate whatever my body would tolerate.

I’ll be posting pics. Some from my Figure Competition (for motivation) and then some baby bump pics.

Any advice from mommas out there would be wonderful!

Pic above is from my 1st show April 2009. Placed 3rd in 2 divisions at NANBF Southern States Classic.

Here’s a few stats on myself:

Competition weight: 120lb
Pre-baby weight: 127lb.
10 week OBGYN visit: 129lb
14 week OBGYN visit: 132lb
20 week OBGYN visit: 137lb

Pic above is my current baby bump

Workouts the past 3 days:

Saturday: 1 hr cardio on treadmill, walking

Sunday: 30 minutes walk/job intervals on treadmill, core work

Yesterday: 30 minutes cardio on treadmill, 30 minutes total body circuit lifting

Today: 30 minutes cardio on treadmill, walking

12.5 week baby bump

12.5 week baby bump front view

Yay congrats! Good luck!

loling @ baby bump with abs.

you can still squat, dl, and bench while pregnant. cant arch your bench, but you can still do the others. with a bit of a brain, of course, but youve never lacked that.

wheres the lunges, glute work, rows, etc? HMMMM?!

Hi! Congrats to you!!

Actually starting in the 2nd trimester you are not supposed to do things like bench(or any flat backed exercise) cause it decreases blood flow to the uterus.

hmm. i couldve sworn that you can bench but not arch, as long as you have a flat back.

see? another reason i shouldnt have kids.

Definitely try to keep up on the lower body work. The muscle helps prevent vericose veins (which some women get during/after pregnancy).

Good evening! Well today was another busy day at my dental office, but I still managed to get a workout in this evening, although it was a short one.

Workout (light legs):

10 minute warmup on treadmill

1A) Kettlebell Swings 20x4
1B) Calf Raises 15x4

2A) Leg Extn 15x3
2B) Straight leg deadlift 15x3
2C) Planks off bench

After not working out for pretty much 4 months, it feels amazing to be active again. My mood is so much more upbeat and I don’t tire at work in the mid-afternoon.

As far as my goals are here, it’s just to remain active and keep my energy level up. No heavy lifting, obviously. I will actually be more focused on cardio than weight lifting.

I did well today as far as eating went. Ate every 3-4 hours. Since I’m not eating 100% super clean right now I’m not going to post everything I eat. I’m just trying to stay away from excess sweets, which I totally tend to be craving (…is the baby a girl???)

Congratulations on the pregnancy. Not a parent so nothing to add there, but good luck with everything.

congrats and good luck