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My Pre/Post Workout Nutrition



My aim is to increase lean mass.

I have a (hopefully) simple question about my pre and post workout nutrition.

My routine is 4 MORNING workouts a week, Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri.

I'm up at 6am, lifting at 7.30 for around 50 minutes.

Currently, my pre workout 'meal' is a shake which comprises of:

handful of strawberries
handful of blueberries
whole apple
large glass of skimmed milk
small glass of 'innocent smoothie'
small cup of oatmeal
25g whey protein

... all blended into a shake that is just over a pint.

My Post workout shake is 50g whey protein, 50g complex carbs mixed with water.

Could you tell me whether this is ok for my aims or am I completely wrong.

Many thanks for your help



The only thing I see a problem with is “innocent smoothie.”
What the eff is that?


Probably some type of low fat or low sugar milk shake marketed to fat housewives who will drink 5 of them a day because they’re ‘innocent’.


Well really, it looks fine. Plenty of carbs and some protein, good fuel for a workout.


[quote]Sharp4850 wrote:
The only thing I see a problem with is “innocent smoothie.”
What the eff is that?[/quote]

Maybe that? (though I have no idea really)


Personally I would double the amount of whey in the morning shake and no idea what the innocent smoothie is(wtf) lol so I can’t comment on that.

I would also swap out the complex carbs for simple carbs seeing as you want to create a very fast and very large insulin spike immediately after training.


Thanks for the replies guys.

I’ve been picking the brains of a colleague who is a very successful bodybuilder and he agrees that I definitely need simple carbs in my post workout and that glucose maltodextrin is the best option… however I just checked the ingredients of my tub of Complex Carbs and its maltodextrin!..

…so now I’m confused, is there a difference between ‘glucose maltodextrin’ and ‘maltodextrin’?

I’ve got knowhere on the net with my research, just contradicting messages.

I just wanna know which carb supp to buy to add to my pwo shake.

(Innocent Smoothie by the way is just a brand of natural ‘clean’ smoothie you can buy over here in the UK.)

Thanks again for any help.



Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide of glucose molecules.
I’m pretty sure it digests and absorbs quickly also.


It looks fairly descent, you may want to tweek it a bit.

Example, scrap the “inocent smoothie”
Incarease the protein intake to about 40-50grams, eat half an apple.

for post workout I suggest getting rid of a complex carb and putting in a carb with high glucose such as a banana, because you want the protein reaching the muscles much quicker, also DO NOT eat any fats after a workout because it slows down digestion!