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My Powerlifting Strength Workout


Hello Everyone

I'm new to this forum and am just about to start this 2 day per 6day program. Any pointers would be useful. Thanks. I am 66kg and training for 4 years before in other kinds of badminton and thai boxing training but now want to concentrate on 4 lifts. olympic squats, deadlifts, I want to be able to do a one armed chin up and also bodybuilder style bench press. I stopped training for 2 years and have now been training for 4months and my best current lifts are.

Bench 3x 85Kg
Squat 1x 115Kg
Deadlift 2x 150Kg

Here is my program: The only difference from what I was doing before is that I deadlitt one time per week extra.

Workout a ME day

Choose one exercise from each line and work up to a max triple or double.

  1. squat / deadlift - could be a front or sumo for variety or bottom up rest pause
  2. Bp/ dumbell press - could be bottom up rest pause
    3 Good mornings / one leg squats / one leg deadlifts
  3. Close grip bench / wide grip bench

Then do grip training and abs and side bends and or hypers, back raises

Workout b DE day

Choose one exercise from each line and do 50% - 60% 1rm 10 x 3 for bench press and 12 x 2 for squat or deadlift. Also chin up and seated row are treated as ME exercises and the Upright rows, shoulder press, bentover rows and incline press are treated as 6 - 8reps x 3 sets. And all other exercises are 4 - 6 reps x 3 sets.

  1. squats / Jump squats
  2. Speed benches \ plyometric push ups
  3. ME Chin ups / ME seated row
  4. Upright rows superset with shoulder press / bent over rows superset with incline press
  5. one armed dumbell swing / speed deadlifts / power snatch / one armed snatch

Then abs, sidebends , back raises, hypers, grip training

There you have it, westside in 2 days every 6 days. I am drug free and take casein protein and a True food multi vit min and additional zinc. I'm 26

Any thoughts?


ok on the first week and have improved my front squat from 90Kg to 105Kg and improved my bench from 85kg to 90Kg and my good morning from 70kg to 80kg