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My Powerlifting/Olympic lifting log

First time using this site and keeping track of my workout. I just started a strongman influenced training program based off of Brian Alsruhe’s linear progresson program. I have limited strongman equipment so I’ve been using what I can and will hopefully purchase certain things in the future. I want to use this to keep track of my training and maybe get some advice and help along the way.

I’ve been using this program for 3 weeks now and have noticed positive results. The first week was a grind and almost a warm-up week to the new program because I had to get used to the fast pace and low rest time.
Starting stats after 3 weeks:
Height: 5’8"-5’9"
Weight: 160 Ibs (Gained around 2-3 pounds since starting the program and increased all my lifts by around 10 pounds)
Bench- 180x3
Squat- 235x5
Deadlift- 275x5
OHP- 115x5
(I have yet to explore my maxes for my lifts)

I have a couple of homemade items to use for my conditioning, such as a large tire (250-ish pounds), 100lbs sandbag and sled with straps for pulling, hand-over-hand or to use as battle ropes for example. I hope to purchase strongman implements in the future.

My goal right now is to just gain mass (while staying in shape) and get stronger. For the end of the summer I aim to:
Bench-225x1 or 3
Squat- 315x1 or 3
Deadlift- Atleast 350x1 or 3
OHP- 145x3


Will be following along. Almost identical strength. We’re also both training with Strongman in mind.


Sounds good, thank you man. Any info or tips you have are appreciated

First workout for the log. Deadlift is my usual to start of the week. Used the hex bar, still need to get my butt down more, I feel I am using to much back. Hit my usual 275x5 and hit a 285x1 PR. My grip was struggling a little and my form was a little iffy on it, just need to get the butt down more. Not bad overall, and my back stayed straight. I am happy about it.

Main thing, in my opinion since you’re training for strongman use straps for deadlifts and get your grip training elsewhere. No need to sacrifice the quality of your Deadlift work for your grip training. I do my warmups with no grip accommodations, Deadhangs from a pullup bar, Rack Pull Above the Knees Double Overhand for grip training since I don’t have access to implements. Can make harder by using an axel or fat gripz.

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Thank you for the advice, I’ll give it a go.

Hit bench today. Went pretty smooth, hit 180x5 and 185x1, fell a little short of 2. Got progression from last week so I’m very happy with it. My inner left bicep hurts a little, and I’m not sure why. It was fine up until my last set of bench when it got a little sore. I’m stretching it and will ice and heat it (any advice as why it hurts and/or how to fix it would be greatly appreciated). Tomorrow I squat, so I can give it a rest. My accessory lifts also all went up which I am happy about. If anyone wants, I can post my program on here for you all to glance at, it is Brian Alsruhe’s linear progression program, (I believe it is @Alpha ). I am making it more personalized as I go, and I am enjoying it a lot.

Is it the one from his YouTube video? I’m interested in doing it myself at some point so it’ll be good to see how you find it. I don’t think anyone else has made a log of it yet.


Yes it is. At first i used the exact workouts he had for it, but like it said, I continue to personalize it, only a few things though. In the 3 weeks I’ve done it so far, I have noticed way more mass being added on faster than previous programs, and my strength has increased greatly, way more than before programs as well. I will continue to update you on it. @caesium32

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In as well, for that bicep I’d roll it out and next time warmup thoroughly.


Squatting today was absolutely horrible. I could not even get my regular 225 down to parallel, even 205 wasn’t hitting parallel today which really got to me. I’m thinking it was because of tight hamstrings and hips from dead lifting on Monday, usually I get a decent warm up in and do box jumps, making sure to start low and explode up, but was not able to do that today. Next week I will be sure to complete an entire warm-up and get back in order.

Took a rest day yesterday and got back into fresh this afternoon. Had a great overhead press day. Got 115x5 easy, and hit 125x1. Pull up progression is going smooth, the most I am able to do is 45x3 and 15xbody weight. My form for OHP has improved a lot and I’m really happy with it. Tomorrow morning I am planning on doing a medley type conditioning/ strength workout with the tire, sled, sand bag and battle ropes.

This program is going great, I am liking the style of giant sets and antagonist lifts before the main lifts. During the first week your lifts might get a little lower due to the faster sets but after that week you get used to it, like anything else you start for the first time. Because of the faster sets you are in and out of the gym fast. My OHP training only took my about 45 minutes today, and it was a very solid workout. Of course it varies for each individual.

Also go check out Brian Alsruhe on youtube, I’ve become a huge fan of his and he has great videos of his lifts and training and gives great advice on many different topics. He is where I found this amazing program. If any of you want me to post my specific program let me know.

The medley was brutal, and combined with the humidity I got a great sweat going. Did a lot of sled pulls, and tire flips, going back a forth and I threw in some sledge hammer as well. First time doing this sort of conditioning and it is totally different and way more challenging.

These are always rough, i struggle sticking the landing

Yeah, and if it’s tiring in the beginning, you get really exhausted in the end and you can’t even jump up. Hence the name. lol, I fixed it. Thank you for pointing it out. @brady888

Changed things up a bit and squatted today instead of deadlifting. Did a full warm-up and that helped a lot. I hit my previous 235x5 and got depth on everyone this time. My front squats are going up and over all energy is increasing. Tomorrow I am aiming for 185x3 on bench and then 280x3 for dealift on Wednesday.

Deadlift and OHP went smoothly. I need to continue to work on my form for both but that has also improved a lot. I worked on volume for both these lifts and lowered the weight to better my form. I also hang cleaned. I was just in the mood but I think I will add these to my routine. I did 2 warm up sets and 2 lighter sets of 135x5. They went very smooth and easy, I just need to get my form back to what it was from when I used to hang clean more often.

I also did grip work. From hang cleans, pull ups my forearms and grip was already tired so I decided to really push them. I did 4 sets of heavy farmers walks, barbell holds with one hand with 95 lbs, and then barbell holds with both, as if deadlifting with 135. I did both these twice until failure.

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Today my squat went decent. I hit 245x3. I spent at least 15-20 minutes working on my form and I found that when I use a closer stance with my feet not so flared out, almost pointing forwards, I get more power and it doesn’t hurt my knee as much. Im hitting 90 degrees for some reps and below parallel for others, so I need to focus on that because sometimes it feels like I’m not going to get myself back up.

My front-squat went extremely smooth. 155x5 hit depth everytime. It feels easier to hit depth when front squatting than it does when regular squatting, even when using the same weight (155 lbs.) Not sure why.

Bench and Deadlift went good this week. I am definitely gaining strength. I got 185x5 for bench. I should be at 200 and then 225 by no time. I’m hoping my deadlift continues to go up because 275x5 is feeling decently heavy. I used the hex-bar today and I am not liking it as much as straight bar. Maybe that has something to do with the weight not being where I want it to be. I also did 4 sets of pause deadlifts with 185x5 for a 4-5 second pause, which were killer.

I have also made the choice to squat twice a week now, I am very eager to get my squat up. The second day will be a volume day, and just to perfect my form. I found that doing a low bar squat is way comfier, moves smoother, and I don’t even need to think about depth because it is much easier to hit it and feels normal. Today I just did goblet squats, 60x10 and low bar squats 135x10 to get in the swing of things. What are your thoughts on this decision? And all my lifts are sets of 4, in case anyone was wondering.

OHP is going kinda slow, I’m at 120x3. I was hoping for 5 but just couldn’t get it, even 115 felt a little eh today. I focused on form and did a lot more volume after that. I also worked on form for hang cleans, only doing 135x5 for warm-up and 145x5 for 3 sets. I probably did almost 100 pull-ups today. Weighted pull-ups are going nicely, I got 45x5 and than went down to 35x5 for the rest and did wide grip after that with a 25lb plate. Then on my shoulder accessory sets I did close grip and wide grip pull ups until failure for 4 sets.