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My Powerlifting Log

Hey guys… My name is Christopher, I am 17 years old an I do powerlifting 1.5 year. I decided to share w you my sessions.

Monday’s workout: (everything is kg)
Squat beltless 4x120 ( rpe 8 I think)
High bar paused squat beltless 3x5x90 (too easy)
Bench press w pause 4x88 (If I had a spotter i’d may try 1 more rep but I didin’t)
Lats, triceps

My routine is

1st day
Squat top set 4-6 reps
High bar paused squat
Bench w pause top set 4-6 reps
Lats, triceps

2nd Day
Deadlift top set 4-6 reps
SLDL 3x6-8
Wide grip bench w pause 3x6

3rd Day
Front squat top set 4-6 reps
Paused front 3x5
OHP 3x6
Deadstop row 4x8
Incline bp

Looking forward to hearing your opinions :slight_smile:

Good workout today.

Deadlift beltless 5x144 (pr for beltless)
Paused deficit beltless deadlift 2x5x100
WG bench w pause 3x8,7,7x70