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My Power Stack Experience

Well, I’ve been using Tribex and M along with Power Drive for about a month now. Being on a budget, my first supplement priorities are Grow and Surge, and so I can’t always afford things like Tribex, M, and Power Drive…so I had never tried them until now. Being only 22 years old, my sex drive is already high and so I haven’t really noticed an increase in that area. I did notice a heightened sense of awareness the first time I took Power Drive, and consequently had a great workout. Whether that was because I was expecting to be more alert or not ( the placebo effect ) , I don’t know…but I doubt it. I’ve been using Power Drive for 4 weeks now and I haven’t noticed a drop off. Some long term users say that the effects become more profound the longer you use it, but I haven’t noticed that yet. I guess it takes about two or three weeks for the Tribex and M to really kick in, and I’ve noticed some minor acne on my upper back and shoulders this past week or so. I also have become noticeably leaner this past month, but part of that?possibly all of that?is due to diet ( I’ve been trying to lean out lately). All in all, I’d give the stack a big thumbs up. If money were not an issue, I’d purchase these supps on a regular basis.