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My Posture Is F***** How Can I Fix It?

Bad Posture

Me raising my pecs to and rounding my lower back fowards.

I think my lower back is tight and my squat has took a absolute tank because of it :confused:

You have to constantly think about it. It’s typically a result of letting your hips move forward while standing. Your shoulders drift back and your head moves forward for balance.

This is the usual old man posture. The hamstrings shorten up and the ass disappears. You have to stand up straight. Sit up straight. It’s tough to fix because it’s so easy to relax and let everything shift.

My posture is like this and a chiropractor tried to fix me. I didn’t commit to it because I wasn’t certain it was necessary or worth the hassle. She x-rayed my spine and I learned that my lumbar and cervical spine is straighter than it should be.

She wanted me to stand with weights hanging off my waist in the front (forcing my lumbar spine to curve), weights in a head piece right on my forehead (forcing me to pull my head back), and a strap around my shoulders that pulled them back.

This was supposed to fix the curves in my spine but I didn’t follow through with it. My spinal curves are the way in built and in good with that. It could be the result of something as simple as walking too soon as a child. I might not have spent enough time crawling to develop the perfect curves in my lumbar and cervical spine. Oh, well.

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Thanks, I think even when I correct it though I think my lower back is still kicking it out, I’m just going to try figures some stretches and try tilt my pelvis more

Before you get too carried away, take a pic of your entire body from the side. You might be like me and have something that doesn’t need fixed. If one section of your spine developed with less of a curve then it can have an effect on your posture. That doesn’t necessarily mean it needs fixed. It could also be something that can’t be fixed.

I can force my lumbar spine to extend (curve) more but it compresses my discs. It’s the way I’m built. Trying to force it might cause more harm than good.

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Well I took what you said, tilted my pelvis foward when sitting/standing and I’m looking better so maybe you were right I could feel my back loosening up everytime I reminded myself to do it, can see my abs better and it looks a lot more of a natural S shape.

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