My Post Workout Protein Shake

hey guys,
Im 16 and my mum wont let me buy any supplements or protein shakes so i just make my own post workout shake. I usually just put in :
1 banana
3 eggs
2 cups of oats
coco powder

after i drink that i usually pop a mutli-vitamin and a vitamin C tablet.
What do you guys think about my shake?, any suggestions to make it better?

You drink the oats? Man, that shakes sounds like it tastes horrible.

The eggs, I take they’re raw? I’d be careful due to salmonella poisoning.

are you using regular refined table sugar?

yeah i drink the oats raw, mind you its all been blended and it is normal table sugar - im not sure about if its good.
And i’ve never gotten slamonella- and if i were it highly overated- something like one in 30,000 eggs has salmonella

if you had a 1:30,000 chance to win the lottery would you play?

it may not seem likely to happen, but the risk doesn’t outweigh the benefit IMO

milk, banana, real peanut butter, honey…good stuff…if you are hard gainer just start throwing in ice cream! wish i was your age again, the days of 6k calories of shakes and tons of meat everyday!

I would be a bit concerned about the raw eggs as well, but that is only me.

I think that if you can get that bastard of a thing to stay in your stomach in the first place without puking it up your stomach must be tough enough to kill off a little dose of salmonella.


I think that if you can get that bastard of a thing to stay in your stomach in the first place without puking it up your stomach must be tough enough to kill off a little dose of salmonella.[/quote]

you might have a point.

the other day I mixed up some FF Milk with a banana, 2 TBSP Natural PB, 1 TBSP olive oil, that shit was disgusting. Almost hurled chunks in the sink.

According to JB, the biological value of raw eggs is way lower than that of cooked eggs. So eating them is not only gross, but it’s also an inefficient way of boosting your protein intake because your body is unable to process and absorb nearly as much of the available protein.

Also, 2 cups of oats has approximately 16 grams of fiber in it. Add 3 grams from the banana, and your getting a whopping 19 grams of fiber in one meal. Usually, this would be great, but post-workout, rapidly digesting carbohydrates and proteins are more preferred. On top of that, you have 12 grams of fat from the eggs, and 12 grams of fat from the oats.

Fat slows digestion, which is not ideal post workout. The idea is to stimulate a large insulin release which will make your body very anabolic. Low glycemic carbs, fiber, and fat will slow digestion and will not allow your muscles to fully benefit from your bodies increased post-workout insulin sensitivity.

The vitamin C is also not a good idea. Antioxidants post-workout increase muscle damage and delay recovery.

Although all the ingredients are clean, I’d rethink your shake. Check out Berardi’s Solving The Post-Workout Nutrition Puzzle and David Barr’s Top 10 Post Workout Nutrition Myths.

thanks for the advice guys,
what about the caster sugar i put in it. is that a good idea?
im looking where i can buy that dextrose and maltodextrose (spelling?) stuff.
and is ice cream good to put in it post workout?

You might try and see if you can get Gatorade powder (powder, not the liquid) at the store. It’s mostly dextrose which is great pwo.

Mabey those egg whites in cartons (they are pasturized so there is no samonela, and also the BV is higher)

Or, skim milk powder.

Or just buy protein and hide it from your mom.

if you cant have supplements I wouldnt go through all that to get your pwo nutrition in. Just have a big carb heavy meal with plenty of protein, and try to keep the fats low.


Large bowl of whole wheat pasta (or regular if you cant get your parents to buy whole wheat) with sauce (low fat) and some chicken breast or tuna.


a large bowl of brown rice with some chicken or tuna.


another large bowl of oats with some milk and egg whites.

No need for supplements if you cant get them. You can make gains on real food alone. (especially at your age.)

I think everyone is missing the fact this kid is 16. Basically anything he eats is going to make him grow like a weed. He can worry about the small stuff later.

I would go with a low fat chocolate milk, maybe blended with a banana or two.
I remember hearing in one of the T-Nation radio segments that chocolate milk was a good alternative postworkout if you didnt have access to Surge or other typical PWO mixes.
It has a good mix of carbs and protein, is cheap and can be bought from the supermarket. Plus its gotta taste a whole lot better than your mix!!


All great suggestions.
But the bottom line is you need a simple sugar, malrodextrin being the best, and a low fat protein.

As has been mentioned both fiber and fat slow your digestion, which is a good thing except for post workout.

So make sure your protein is low fat:
Egg whites, low fat cottage cheese, lean chicken breast, tuna, skim milk.
(NOT whole eggs, high fat cottage cheese, beef, pork, whole milk)

And your carb is low fiber:
White pasta, white rice, white bread, honey, white potatos, various fruits.
(NOT high fiber like sweet potatos, whole grain or whole wheat anything)

Parents can be weird. Went through EXACTLY the same thing when i was your age.
My dad saw powder and pills and went nuts.
(while he was eating cheesburgers and not exercising)

ahh so you guys think id be better off having some white rice and a can of tuna then the shake im having now?
btw what are some good sources of everyday fast releasing carbs for post workout?

A bag of glucose - you’ll pick it up in the cooking/bakery aisle for half nothin’.

[quote]skinnybarstard wrote:
ahh so you guys think id be better off having some white rice and a can of tuna then the shake im having now?
btw what are some good sources of everyday fast releasing carbs for post workout?[/quote]

Yep. That’s my opinion at least.
Fast releasing carbs are typically carbs with the least amount of fiber.
As we said, fiber slows digestion, which is not what you want post workout.

Basically look for the whites:
White potatos, white bread, white rice, white pasta, honey, certain fruits, etc.

(I would say fruit juice, but i have read here and there that fructose post workout is not the best source.)

Go to your supermarket and start reading labels.

Also check this list of high and low insulin foods.

Post workout, basically you want an insulin spike combined with a lean, quickly digestible protein.
If you combine one of these foods with a lean protein, you’ll be doing well until mom chills out and lets you get some surge.

A little honey mixed in with some mashed white potatos and some chicken breast i’d say would work great.

Also, another option that occured to me last night:

Years ago…(almost 2 decades, oof)…when i first entered a real weight room, i was shocked by two things.

  1. Seeing real powerlifters, bodybuilders, football players, navy seals, bouncers, working out.

  2. What they were eating.


Might want to look into that.
If you need a cheap, quickly digestible carb/protein source perfect for post workout.
Pretty much blended everything…from rice and sweet potatos to chicken and turkey.

2 Benefits:

  1. Good, cheap fast-absorbing lean protein and carb sources.
  2. Making your parents think you’re nuts. Suddenly letting you buy Surge doesn’t seem so bad.