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My Post Cycle Bloodwork


For those who have not previously read about my predicament. I started a 12 week Test E/Deca cycle on the last week of December 2012. I ran HCG 250 x 2 ew starting on the fourth week of my cycle. My last shot was on 3/21/13. I began my pct 4/4/13 and ran it until 5/2/13. It consisted of Nolva 40/40/20/20 and Clomid 50/50/50/50.

I felt good for a while after, I kept my strength up at the gym, although I was having sexual dyfuntion. I figured it would go away in a short time due to the long ester of Deca. As time progressed my sexual dysfunction got worse, my lifts in the gym decreased dramatically, and my over all energy levels plummeted. I got my first round of BW on 7/13/13 which just checked my total test which was:

99 ng/dl --range[240-950]

I now have more thorough BW..performed on 7/23/13 (which many of you said I needed, to get an accurate answer)
It goes as follows:

Testosterone , Free S, 2.9 ng/dl --range[9-30]
Testosterone, Total, S 172 ng/dl--range[240-950]
FSH -- 3.0 iu/l no range for some reason?
LH 0.9 iu/l --range[1.8-8.6]
Prolactin 5ng/ml--range[3-13] so prolactin is actually in range!

If you notice my total test has gone up significantly in the 10 day difference so hopefully my body is on the right track. any questions, comments, feedback, experience would be greatly appreciated. I want to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

There is already no chance of keeping my cycle gains, at this point I just don't want to loose gains to a point where I am even less muscular and weaker than when I started the cycle in the first place. I feel my strength will come back quickly when my hormones stabilize though


Get shbg, vitamin d, estradiol, dhea checked.


that testosterone is shit


If vitamin D is low you wont recover. If shbg is high or cortisol is too high you will have a harder time. Same applies to estrogen and prolactin but your prolactin is great, indicating potentially good dopamine and low cortisol. Low lh, low test. Now what is the ongoing cause for your secondary hypogonadism. You can try different source of nolva/clomid and increase/extend doses.

Since libido is already shot,id throw in an AI but thats me. If all else fails, administering a triptorelin 100 mcg shot could work. But more than likely time and fixing whatever negative feedback at the pituitary level will increase that lh subsequently raising testosterone. Most people's lh increases with age anyway as the testes become less sensitive to it.


It's low no doubt, but looks like its on the rise which is good. LH looks a little low.

I'm no expert, but this is what I would do, I'm not advising you to do this but I myself like to kind of experiment with things. So with that said I would try another pct or you can just let your body do its thing.

You could go to the TRT forum here, read the new guy sticky and post there.



Sorry, didn't read far down enough. That is actually very insightful. I have been supplementing with vitamin D, 2000 iu's a day for a while. Plus there is Vit D in my Multi, so I really do doubt that I am deficient.

I plan to o a second thorough PCT starting today consisting of:
Week 1-3
Hcg 300ius x2/week
Arimidex 0.5mg ED

Last day of 3rd week
1500ius of hcg

Weeks 4-8


Vitamin D 2000 iu's is not a crazy amount. I have no research studies to back this one single statement up, but people i see complaining about low t have low vitamin D more often than not. Vitamin D is hormonal, and is necessary for synthesizing hormones. i could reason that this is why a lot of hormonal fluctuating decreases vitamin D. The recommended vitamin D amount (in a multi) is to cure childrens cases of rickets. In a study testing testosterone, the group with the highest vitamin D had the highest testosterone, the group with the lowest had the lowest t. There was some flux in the middle.

When doctors cure low vitamin D it still often needs to be higher. Some doctors megadose a 300000 iu capsule, 50000 weekly, or 10000 iu+day. Your body can absorb 10000 if you have half your clothes on in about 15 minutes but it wont let you go much over this through skin absorption. Think about construction workers and arm hair, leg hair, facial hair. They are always moving and getting sun.

I would run the clomid 100/100/50/50/25/25+ instead. Because of less lnrh response i usually never suggest more than 50 mg for a month, but you need a good kickstart. I would also run the nolva 6 weeks total as the study deemed that to still have increased lnrh response and be safe. The hcg=LH. I wouldnt run much more hcg (probs wont hurt) because your testes are probably running. With lh .9, testosterone 172 is not a terrible output from testes. If lh was.9 and testosterone was 50, I would think the balls were also shut down hard. But you are 28, and a LH level of 3-4 should produce 600-650 ng/dl.

My recommendation (take it or leave it):
Vitamin D 10000 iu daily (the upper limit with no bad toxicity issues without prescription)
Clomid 100/100/50/50/25/25/25/25 (most doctors do 25-50 mg for months, and you dont want to risk estrogen rebound)
Nolva 40/40/20/20/10/10
D aspartic acid 3g/3g/3g/3g
AI or choice
No b6 or caber since prolactin is fine.
Super B complex
1200 mg calcium in morning
25 mg zinc at night with 250 mg magnesium
3 fish oil tablets
Vitamin c 500 mg
Workout more with harder workouts (creatine and preworkout as needed)
Sleep more
Stress less
Fatter diet but nothing too fat obviously
Shit tons of water

Consider trip shot. Ultimately, give your body all the minerals and vitamins necessary for testosterone production. Get blood pressure and stress under control if necessary. Live a healthier and more active lifestyle and give the kickstart the biggest kick in the nuts.