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My Porsche's Radio


All right, it's not my porsche, it's my "friends" porsche. She has had a problem with her radio blankingout and not working. She has taken it to the dealer 5 times, and every time it gets repaired, it breaks (the radio) again within a couple of days.
Any ideas?


Does the dealer install a new unit or just fix the old one? I would tell them you/she wants a new one. I have never had a problem with mine, but mine is after market so I guess it doesnt apply. Regardless, I hope they fix it. If you pay that kind of money for a car the radio should be the least of your worries.

At least the rear main seal didnt go like mine did, thank God for warrenty.


I suggest going to a message board/group specifically for Porsche car owners and enthusiasts.


? jo mang, jew goin 2 teent out jew porch ?


I second that.

That, and to leave the fuckin radio off, roll down the windows and listen to the damn engine. It is a porsche after all.


I think it needs a good hard run through the Hills, don't know about the radio but it will make you feel good.


The Germans are not big on non driving anemities. The radio is one of them.

I would second having the unit replaced not repaired. If it's new especially get them to start logging the repair in.
Porsche used to have a follow up call made to owners after every service call and they reacted quickly to complaints. Take advantage of that if they still do it. It's been a few years since I have had one. Kid's and soccer cleats don't fit in them very well.


Check out:

They are like the T-Nation of car audio.

They have a great community and know their stuff better than any other car audio site I've ever been to.

They also recommend and show you how to do most work yourself which saves tons of money.


I had the same problem with my Ferrari.


The authority of websites for Porsche owners.


There is a forum for every model.



more info is needed first...two main questions.

How old is the car?

Do any other lights blink or is it just the radio only?


I had a similar, intermittent problem in my Bentley...

okay, okay, I mean my Hummer...

alright, my Cadillac...

so I actually drive a Dodge pick up.

Happy now?

By the way, I'd me more then happy to trade your friend a Dodge pickup with a FULLY functional radio/cd player for a Porsche with a jacked up radio.


You guys are awesome, thanks


Save money does not equate to anything Porsche.


Hey I just bought my first BMW.
A 99 323i. Any opinions on the radio in it? I haven't driven it yet so can't comment on anything about,
If it sucks I can always hook it up..
Also any opinions on BMW's reliability?