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My Poor Posture and Working Out


Over the past while, it's occured to me how poor my posture is. For years I payed no attention to it, constantly having my shoulders hnched forward, head dropped forward etc. and a very weak lower back and abs, which only made matters worse. I also think I had at least a mild case of lordosis.

So for the past few weeks I've really been trying to improve things, walking with shoulders back and head up. I've been trying to improve my core strength also, focusing on ab training and using deadlifts to try and strengthen my lower back, and am doing some glute-activation exercises. I'm also starting to do exercises to improve my rear delts and serratus anterior, and build up my traps. The reason I'm doing this is because I think its greatly affected my lifting. Because my posture sucks, with things like benching it's difficult to tuck my shoulders back and keep them retracted throughout the movement, and with rowing exercises it's difficult to squeeze my shoulderblades together at the peak of the exercises.

This means that it's really hard for me to go heavy with lifts, as at the same time I'm struggling to fix my posture so that I can properly execute the movement. What I'd like to know is if it would be okay for a few weeks to go lighter on the weights I'm lifting, until I manage to maintain good posture more naturallty from a sort-of 'rehabilitation' programme.

Anybody give me any advice? Thanks guys


Read "Neanderthal No More" (a serie of articles from Cressey and Robertson), especially part IV and V.

There is also a "Decostructing Computer Guy" article, with a few quick tips on exercise selection.

Robertson also wrote "Top Priority to Lower Traps" and "Push-Ups, Face Pulls, and Shrugs".

Read ALL Cressey articles.

From Thibaudeau, "You don't know jack about your back" (some tips about scapular retraction on back exercises).

Have fun educating yourself...I fixed my own posture and helped some friends. If you work hard, it will take less than you think!


I've already read the 'neanderthal no more'- got some good stuff from those articles, and it was actually from reading them that I decided to do something about trying to fix my posture in the first place, as I realised "damn, so many of these things apply to me..." Also already checked out Thib's article, but I'll make sure to have a look over those Cressey ones too. Thanks man


fixing your posture is hard, but it is doable. do some effort and you'll get improvement


If so, give a try to the program outlined in part IV: it works big time!