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My Poor Excuse of a Body


This is my poor excuse for a body. I feel like I shouldn't be posting these pics, just want some advice from all the T-Nationites.

weight 202
height 5'9"
neck 17.25"
arms 16"
chest 44"
quads 24"
midsection 36.5"

lifting stats
bench 225x1
deadlift 315x5
squat 250x10

I'm kinda following a 4 day upper/lower split with cardio five (swimming and running) days a week. You can check it out in the Training Log section. I would like to get up to 215 while minimizing fat gains. My nutrition is really my downfall. When I get that in order, I'll be good. Usually, though I get about 250 grams of protein with 100 grams of fat and 100 carbs.
















Your lifting stats seem pretty low for your size and weight. Did you just stat working out? (not trying to put you down).


Yeah I just started back in March. When I was on an active statued in the Army , we did shit tons of cardio and not much lifting. When I got out I let myself go to shit. I got up to a really fat 220. I had enough one day and just started back. I need to get my body fat down, but I'm not harping on that. I've lost alot of fat, and gained alot of muscle.

I know my lifting stats are down. I'm working on that day to day. Everyday though I'm breaking PR's. Just give me a little more time and I'll be there.


There's a good mind set. But I noticed you said your diet is what is holding you back. If you already know what is holding you back why not fix it instead of saying it out and not speak of it again. You know what I mean? It's easy to say one thing and not do another.

EDIT ADDITIONAL: But I see you are doing something about it which is good. My recommendation is write what you eat daily to see that you are on the right track and not just guesstimate what kind of protein, fat, and carbs you are getting.


I work it day to day man. It's been said before and Im gonna say it one more time. (I expect to get flamed) I'm a poor college kid whose married and trying to provide for a family more than buying 5 pounds of meat a day or whatever the case may be. Thats why I say that so any advice in that regard would be nice. I got my oats, protein powders, tuna, chicken and all that just not in the quantity that is needed.


Keep at it old boy.


I feel your pain, my friend. I am a married father of two children, so I know what it's like to struggle financially. Anyone who criticizes this aspect of life (financial struggles) has never lived them. To hell with them. Your goals are still achievable, however. The only advice that I can offer is "evaluate value". Protein powder (a good one) is very competitive in terms of price per gram of protein. Eggs are also a really good value.

Have you tried cycling your carbs? I am currently having a great deal of success front-loading my carbs (I train in the morning) and focusing on protein and fats (Flax oil, olive oil, fish) later in the day. I eat fewer carbs on non-training days. Hope this helps a little. Keep at it, consistency is key.

PS: Did you say you served in the military? If so, then hats off to you my friend.


Yeah sometimes its hard to keep training through all of lifes problems, but that is actually what keeps me going. I look froward to "me" time in the gym. It is about the only time I get for myself.

BTW I did not rate myself so I did not give myself the 10. HAHA

Keep the critique coming.


Oh yeah, I dont know if I said it but I am 23 years old.


Just so you all know I am not fishing for compliments.

I do not want to be put in that category of young guys on RMP.


resist urge... to be....... a total.... cocksucker to OP.... Resist...


Alright Beans let me rephrase

I was reading another thread where someone said that all the young guys only do RMP to fish for compliments. I guess I should have said that to begin with bc that does sound like I was fishing for compliments even though I said I was not fishing for compliments.

Whatever. Just dont want to be put in that same dumbass category.