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My Poor Big Toe

My big toe ands its surrounding area has been sore for abut 10 days now and its not getting much better.

Only sore when I apply pressure to the joint by standing up and walking. The pain feels like a strain or possibly arthritic. The pain is enough to stop me from doing anything that irritates it.

Im not sure what I have done to it, and I can not recall an incident in which I injured it. Lately I have been doing heaps of jump rope, learning how to box and I do BJJ twice a week as well. Im guessing I have strained it while throwing left hooks (I need to rotate on the ball of my foot, not on my big toe)? Or maybe its just an overuse injury from the extra jump rope?

Anybody have any experience with toe pain? Im assuming recovery time will be a little longer than usual, as the area involved in 90% tendons.


roll the ball of your foot on a lacrosse ball for a couple of minutes. It will hurt like hell.

I betcha your toe feels better after.

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Thanks @Yogi1, but I do that on a regular basis anyway.

Although I feel its getting better (maybe 5%) its still sore to walk on. Im slowly getting concerned.

Going away for a week for Easter, hopefully the time off and some beer does the trick.


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