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My poll!

Poll: What poll do you think the administrators of the T-forums should do for an excuse to give out more free stuff? It can be anything related to training or nutrition products.

The poll I want to see: Did you ever use laxatives during a weight loss period? If so, which laxatives?

… Someone had to start this!

damn i thought there was gonna be a picture of your “pole” in here.

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As a newbie I can tell you want I think is missing from every work-out plan I have seen on any forum. I am not saying that the work-out plans are bad they are just missing a few details that may not be as useful as they could be to beginners & intermediates. I have played with work-outs for yrs. back & forth never staying motivated on the work-outs I seen in magazines or on the web etc.

It always seems that the exercises will say for chest, back, legs, etc.

Alot of newbies with no foundation do these routines for 6-8 wks. not thinking they are seeing any results, just sore muscles. Actually they are getting some results be they do not know what target areas to look at. These is because they are doing an exercise for the the back. It may only work the lower traps & they do not know why their upper traps are not getting bigger. The end result is they get dicouraged & quit. You die hards say who cares, He has now will or determination.
Well this is not always the case. I would like to call myself a beginning intermediate & like I said I always wanted to bulk up & get ripped, as I think most men would, but not knowing where to look @ for developement of muscle to see the results was discouraging.
I finally found a program that told me the excercise to do & what main muscle group it focused on & what secondary muscles it worked also. It allowed even a newbie to be able to look & see the results of his hard work & where he needs to work harder.

My suggestion is to give away some free stuff to someone who comes up with a set of excercises & a discription of what primary & secondary muscle groups these work so that even a biginner can understand them & know where to look @ themselves for results.
The future of any sport lies with the next generation comming up into it.
Also newbies buy lots of supplements!