My Podcast with Two Pros

A podcast series we are going to take a stab at developing with a regular schedule.

THE MAS MACROS PODCAST #1: State of the Fitness Industry. My first podcast I recorded with IFBB pro ARASH RAHBAR and WNBF pro STU YELLIN. We discuss the state of the fitness industry as we see it today. Topics discussed are competitive classes, social media, internet marketing in fitness, so-called “fake natties”, and sacrifice for competition

I think you guys will like it.

awesome, I’ll definitely give it a listen.

And as a slight aside: how cool a name is Brad Grunner!? Sounds like the name of the hero in an action movie.

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Yeah, kind of sounds like a 6’-plus WASPy looking guy… which I’m not. :slight_smile:

Check it out. We are going to aim to do our next one before the end of the month.


Second one is up.

Had a nice little chat in that one ^ about the new Classic Bodybuilding Division in the NPC. As Arash (IFBB Physique Pro) is jumping into that class in the very near future, it’s pretty cool to hear him weigh in.


Like the content and talks guys… A quick suggestion from a listener

You may want to have each person do a quick “Hi, this is Stu Yellin” so that we can know who’s voice is who. I’ve heard a podcast that had the host introduce each person and they literally say “This is the sounds of my voice” just to establish who each one was. I think I figured it out but I have a small amount of experience with Stu so maybe that helped

Hey Lonnie,

We always appreciate any feedback (thanks for even listening -lol).

I thought we were using each other’s names when “passing the mic” so to speak, but if it’s not coming across clearly, then maybe we should make a point of bringing attention to my wonderful baritone :slight_smile:


The latest one (once Brick puts it up) has a special guest appearance that I’m sure most TN-ers will appreciate :slight_smile:


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The next podcast is loading as I write this. For now, perhaps some can enjoy this video done with our friend and IFBB pro Arash Rahbar. I believe he will be doing some serious damage in the new Classic Physique division.

Just gave a listen start to end! Great convo there! Lessons to be learned and applied by many in the sport! Love hearing it from others at the top of their game and really involved in the sport they talk about. I’m in for this! Cant wait for more shows to come along!

There are more on the You Tube channel.

@BrickHead @The_Mighty_Stu
Just started listening to the series…in the middle of the third one. I love it. I know Arash is currently in Vegas and Brad is getting buried in his own prep right now, but don’t stop making the content. Good stuff…definitely want more.

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Very glad you like 'em! Obviously we wish we could be more consistent with the episodes, but at least they’re actually worthwhile topics that hopefully are entertaining to listen to (we certainly have a blast recording them). It’s not easy though with each of our daily commitments and living a bit spread out these days.

We’ve got quite a list of topics to cover in the future, but by all means if there’s anything you’d like us to weigh in on, just say the word.


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I am probably alone in this new world of social media, but I’d rather see sporadic-but-great episodes than regular ok ones lol. Great job.

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After I am done with this prep and shows of mine–huge bucket list items in my life that I procrastinated with or didn’t have the mindset or lifestyle setup to complete–I plan on dedicating far more energy into other aims for which I did not reach or try my best at for whatever reason. I will explain more later. This includes the podcast.

I completely agree with this. I think a lot of people in social media post too often…sort of like those songs on the radio that get over-played. Quality is better than quantity, for sure!

I know you don’t MEAN to do this, sir…but you are amazing at posting little teasers. :grinning:

You can count on it, sir!

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I hear you guys have some sweet new intro music coming up too :fonzie:

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I am flattered by the interest.

I’ll try to sum it up like this, without going on a ramble. I had major depression, on and off, for nearly all of my life. It started in my teens and got VERY bad in my mid 20s to about 31 years old. Right now, I can’t remember the last time I ever had a depressive or “mixed” episode. Let us just say when one is constantly hit by depression on and off–I mean serious depression!–accomplishing goals is next to impossible. If it were not for depression–although I really love my life the way it is now, the friendships I have, my wife, my in-laws, my passion, my degrees and job (although I have had it with the specific place I work in, the health benefits are excellent and some people there like me), etc.–I could have accomplished what I wanted to a long time ago, I THINK.

Depression also leads to gross procrastination. It’s like swimming upstream constantly. You can’t finish anything when you’re gripped by it. You can’t develop a business. You can’t find a woman. Can’t make new friendships. I can explain more, but it’s food shopping time. :slight_smile: