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My Plan


So I am in the midst of researching and learning about cycles. I do not want to start a cycle just yet, because I feel like I need to continue working towards my natural potential, but I feel like I definitely need to do something to help my body. I naturally have a small amount of Gyno, probably from the years of being overweight. It is clear to me that I have low testosterone, thus I need to improve the T to E ratio. I am considering taking the following:

  1. A SERM for the gyno (small dosages)
  2. Dutasteride (.5 MG EOD-E3D due to long half-life) for balding, and to increase Free T by blocking 5-AR from converting T to DHT
  3. An Aromatase Inhibitor to reduce E (small dosages)
  4. Clen or Albuterol to help me cut
  5. DAA

I have never done a real cycle, and I don't think this would be considered a cycle by most of you. I have previously taken Dutasteride, and noticed increased mass and strength gains. After I stopped Dutasteride, my gyno increased for about 1-2 weeks (with sensitive nipples), then went back to normal.

Would this be a safe stack? Which SERMS and AI's would you recommend for my purposes? Would the Clen or Albuterol be too much for my body while doing this? Looking forward to your responses.


Dutasteride is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. These are known to destroy the HPTA in a few men who are vulnerable to this.

Please read the advice for new guys sticky in this forum.

You should get lab work done so you know what you are dealing with.


Serms don’t get rid of gyno if you have a glandular growth its too late to reverse/ reduce it.