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My Plan. Suggestions for Beginner?


Hi, I’m Sofia :slight_smile: I’d like to ask you some advice regarding my training plan. After a bad period of my life I lost weight and motivation to workout… Currently, I’m 20, 38 kg and 150 cm tall (:joy: :joy: ). In my training program I include some exercises to deal with kyphosis and muscle imbalances, so I will stick with it for a couple of months. Nevertheless, I have doubts about the reps of some exercises.
Ps. I am not really strong and i try to focus on the technique rather than increasing the weight I lift


Dynamic Stretching, mobility exercises
Prone cobra, W, Y hold 30 sec
Wall press 4x15
Barbell Meadow row 3x10 (or 4x10?) trying to pull the elbow up high
One arm dumbbell row 3x10 (or 4x10 ?) (I get easily tired as i have a weak back)
Standing bicep curl 3x8
Tricep pushdown 3x10
Pallof press 5x15

Dynamic stretching , mobility exercises
Single leg deadlift 4x10 (still learning the proper technique)
Cable pull through 4x15
Bulgarian split squat 4x10
Pallof press 5x15

PPS. sorry for my english, I’m not a native english speaker :sweat_smile:


For starters, what are your goals (short term & long term)? What are wall presses? Rather than guess or assume, I’d rather you just explain it so we’re on the same page. Which exercises are your “corrective exercises”?

Once you clear that up then I’ll be able to evaluate your routine? Right now I’d just be guessing :slight_smile:


So my goals are trying to fix my kyphosis (this explains the lack of chest exercises) and gain muscle mass since i’m very thin and underweight. Moreover, I used to have uneven hips so for now I prefer unilateral exercises for the legs.
The corrective exercises are scapular wall slide (i wrote it wrong), Prone cobra, Y Hold
The mobility exercises are for thoracic mobilization .
Then i add meadow rows, which i perform trying to pull the elbow up high so as to get more scapular retraction.
I read I should stretch the latissimus dorsi and maybe not train it at all (like the chest) but I added the one arm dumbbell row anyway trying to get scapular retraction while leading my arm alongside my body. Maybe i should change it for cable face pull, i don’t know… there are too many exercises :confused:

I can only go to the gym three days a week since I go to University as well, so i’m just trying to get more fit. When I have better posture I would like to change this plan and add some bilateral exercises (such as romanian deadlift)


3 days a week is plenty of time! Is your kyphosis a result of bad posture and muscle imbalances or something with which you were born (an issue with the vertebrae themselves)? If you were born with it then I recommend you consult a physician if you haven’t. If it’s a result of bad posture then I think you can fix it in your own.

Read this if you haven’t already.

The exercises include some of what you’re doing but has some other options. I found another site that included lat pull downs. Lastly, this workout is a mini workout done with your regular workout. You may be able to train regularly while doing these corrective exercises instead of waiting til you’ve fixed the kyphosis.


I’ve read the article, it is very informative, thanks! My kyphosis is the result of bad posture.
Maybe I shouldn’t wait till i fix my kyphosis to do chin ups or dumbbell flyes but I really have a difficult time trying to “Awaken” the muscles between my shoulder blades and lower traps, that’s why I don’t know if I should be doing one arm dumbbell rows as they work latissimus dorsi.

So my idea is the following:
Dynamic stretch, mobilization
One arm Dumbbell rows 4x10
Meadow rows 4x10/Face pulls 3x10 (i know it will be tiring as hell lol)
Low pulley external rotation 4x10/ scarecrow exercise 3x10
Standing Bicep curl 3x8
Tricep pushdown 3x10
Pallof press 5x15

Then do scapular wall slide and prone cobras when i don’t work out.
Could this work?


I recommend doing the corrective stuff daily since it’s so lightweight (wall slides, cobras, scarecrows). I would also do that stuff at the start of your workout as part of your warmup to activate those troublesome muscles.

After the warmup & corrective stuff I’d do a regular workout. A solid total body workout has a push, pull, & lower body exercise.

I like to view the upper body movements as horizontal/vertical and lower body as push/pull (squats, split squat, etc are pushes while deadlifts, SLDL, & cable pull throughs are pulls).

Using your exercises:

Workout A.
Warmup, mobility, corrective exercises
Bench/push-ups/Incline bench 3x10 (pick one)
Meadows Row/DB Row 4x10 (pick one)
Bulgarian Split squat 3x10ea leg
SL RDLs 3 x 10 each leg
Biceps & Triceps 3x10 (optional)
Any ab work you feel you need

Workout B.
Warmup, mobility, corrective exercises
Seated shoulder press (DBs are best) 3x10
Lat pull down (regular or underhand grip) 4x10
Cable pull through 3x10
Face pulls 3x10 (slow controlled movement)
Biceps & Triceps 3x10 (optional)
Any ab work you feel you need

This looks short and might be but you’ll spend a bit of time in your corrective work so I expect your workouts to take around 45 minutes give or take a few minutes. You can rest 60-90 seconds between sets. Once your body is used to lifting (if you haven’t been) then select weights that are a challenge. A simple way to progress is to do 2-3 sets of 10 and then try for at least 12 on the last set. If you get 12 reps two workouts in a row then add weight the next time.

This setup has a bit more pulling than pushing which should keep you on track for improving your posture. Total body workouts done frequently are best for beginners as they stimulate the muscle frequently and gives lots of practice on the movements.

This isn’t something you HAVE to do. Just an example. Feel free to change it up and pick different exercises but I suggest staying with the concept I laid out.

Good luck!


82bs?? Even for a short girl thats tiny!

You dont have enough muscle to worry about any real imbalances. Getting strong on the big compound moves like deadlifts rows etc will iron most things out.

Do one of these highly proven mass building programs below. (You can add band pullaparts or facepulls as warmup/finisher) Stretching pecs hard immediately after training will help also …

For the short term follow Joe DeFrancos nutrition tips here…


Thanks guys for the advice and the workout plan! I recorded the exercises i did today, should I open a new topic?


Id suggest maybe posting what your doing in the training log session…so people can see what your doing and give feed back to help.


The Texas Method was not designed for beginners.


Its been proven many times on these forums to work very well for beginners


I’m not arguing with that. I’m saying it wasn’t INTENDED for beginners, as Mark Rippetoe himself said. He wrote it for intermediate young male lifters who wanted to become seriously strong (the intention was to get them competitive) who had completed Starting Strength.