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My Plan on Anavar (Currently)

Hi All,

My goal: lose fat, retain muscle…

I have my diet/macros figured out.

I have 25 mg Anavar - pharma-grade.

Doc put me on 1 pill a day - I asked if I can up it to 2 per day, he said I shouldn’t “due to liver enzymes”. I have 56 pills total, already used up 10.

I’m also on 150mg/week TRT Test. Pharma-grade.

My questions:

  1. I’m planning on fasting 16 hrs and eating 8 hrs both on workout and rest days. Do I take the Anavar with my first meal (1PM-ish), or during my fasting period in the AM?

  2. Should I up my Anavar to 50mg per day on my workout days despite the doc’s advice?

  3. Am I good to go aggressive on the deficit on my days off? I’m keeping calories at 2100 on off days and 2,650 on workout days, cycling carbs off on non-workout days. I’m planning to keep activity level high as in walking, a little cardio etc…going for a nice amount of fat loss in the next 45 days.

Thank you.

Anavar is magic at the right dose and with the right diet. Go buy another round of pills and take it at 40-50mg/d. You’ll be blown away how effective it is. Your doc is wrong about the liver stress. It’s about as mild of a steroid that there is.


Appreciate your input. If you have an answer to any of my questions I would appreciate that too. New to this stuff. Thanks!

but isn’t most anavar fake or cut with something else like dbol or prohomrone ?

at least that’s what I read everywhere

Where ARE these doctors handing out oxandrolone, nandrolone for “trt enhancement”?

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Mine stopped. He said a lot of his contemporaries stopped as well. We have weird federal agencies here and while opioids ravage communities large and small the DEA gives the stink eye to prescribers who find that anavar was helpful to their clients.

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My TRT doc will prescribe nandrolone and anavar. They shouldn’t… but they do.

greenboy - read my OP, it’s prescribed as in pharma grade.

Yes my doc prescribed it as I explained to him my journey that I’ve had since my younger days being pre-diabetic and taking years to ‘cure’ myself with research and diet. I asked him for some help to get rid of my belly/chest fat without losing the muscle I have on. He agreed to put me on a 2 month supply but only 25 mg a day. So not really the 50-100 mg recommended for a true cycle, but still helpful I’m sure. When I take it I notice my muscle plump up, even when fasted.