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My Plan/My Test Levels

Hey All,
First, I’m posting this in the steroid forum because I figure you guys are in the best position to answer my questions.

I suspect that I might have low testosterone, but it might also just be nutritional deficiencies. So, I’m going to get my hormone levels tested.

I’ve been taking alot of tribulus this last 7-10 days, and I feel a difference.
BTW, I’m 26, 6’ 6", 325 lbs., and very overweight.

My plan for the next 2 weeks:
1.Eat 4 servings of natural pb a day/100% of recommended unsaturated fat.

2.Flameout each day.

3.ZMA before bed.

4.Plenty of protein each day.

5.Limit my carbs to oatmeal to keep insulin levels steady.

6.And some cheese for calcium.

7.Greens+ each day.

And, discontinue the use of the tribulus for the 2 weeks.

And then, when I’ve given my body enough time to produce what the hormones that it can, I’m going to get tested.

1.Is 2 weeks enough to get the effects of the tribulus to go away.

2.Would you change the diet any from the above to correct any nutritional deficencies before I get tested?

3.And, I’m going to get tested at AAG Labs. It’s an independent, no doctor’s involved type thing.

Are Free and Total Testosterone, luteinizing hormone,and follicle hormone all the tests I should get?
Some of you are going to tell me to just do this through my doctor, but this is cheaper,the same tests, I don’t like my doctor, and if the tests show abnormal levels,then I will go see him.

So,what do you think?