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My Plan, Good for Natural or Overdoing?


First of my english can be bad beacuse its not my native. I’m 20 years old, 6’3, about 205lbs. Seriously lifting for about 2 years now. Mostly stronglifts, than short time with Candito and finally Jim 5/3/1. It’s my 5 cycle. Im not doing any suppplements just eat big and healthy 4-5 meals a day, I start day with cottage cheese with oats and jam or honey, than 2-3x some carbs (no less than 1 bag of rice per meal, but i eat potatos, fries and stuff too in exchange for rice). Meat + vegetables. Than its usually cottage cheese (but diffrent than from breakfast in english its all cottage cheese in my country its serek wiejski or twaróg and there are major diffrences beetwen them) + some peanut butter. I can offcourse eat more if its matter I just dont invest in supplements.

My lifts are: squat high bar - 160kg (352 lbs)
deadlift - 180kg (400lbs) I could hit 445lbs but my back rounded and Im past that stupid shit. If I feel my back gets loose while trying to pick something up I just dont.
bench press - 90kg (200lbs)
ohp - 65kg (145lbs)

And now main topic, I want to lift strong (maybe even go powerlifting road) and question is is this template okay for natural or I will be overdoing.

Limber 11 + some own shoulder mobility
Pylometric: jump variation 3x3 or 3x4 (my standing box jump is 43 inches, running 49 inches)
than kettbell swing 3x6-8 or medicine ball slam (with jump) 3x5-6

for squat day:

5/3/1 + some singles
deadlift 1x5 70% max
hip thrust 3x5
pull ups 3x8
ab roller 3xmax (my body says when its tired, ussually its about 8-12 reps)
farmer walk 3xmax

  • conditioning

for ohp day

5/3/1 + some singles
bench press 3x6 70% max
dips 3x8 (to 3x15, than add smallest weight and start over from 3x5 or 3x3)
chin ups 3x8 (same manner as above)

for deadlift day

5/3/1 + some singles
squat 3x8 70% of max
hip thrust 3x5
pull ups 3x8
ab roller 3xmax
farmer walk 3xmax

  • condtioning

for bench press day

5/3/1+ some singles
dips 3x8 (same as ohp day)
chin ups 3x8 (same as ohp day)

  • one or two hyperthropy exercsies (eg. 3x15 bicep curls)

  • conditioning

Is it okay or is there to much/not enoguh?


I think there is a typo here - it says “conditioning” but it doesn’t mention the exact goals and how you program the conditioning in the program. Please don’t be like Crossfit and just run around and think that being out of breath is somehow “training”. it’s childish.

Also, I would program more efficiently. It reads “singles” but you may want to program “into that” so that you have several mini-peaks (although not exactly what they are) in your programming. This way you can train and then evaluate if it’s working. Kind of smart.


Also, ditch the hip thrust. Really people? We are still on the hip thrust as such a viable exercise that one programs that into a program specifically?

I hate to be a dick - I’d love to help people on here but you gotta do a little work/research.


In the summer (about when I started 5/3/1) I wa doing 10x40yard dash outside the gym on the days after leg work. I love sprinting but atm weather is shitty and I it’s getting worse (snowing already) so conditioning outdoors is not an option atm.

So I started John Davies conditioning (jumping jack, mountain climbers, burpees and split squat jumps for 30 seconds) I do it but its boring as hell. I like my conditioning to include moving fast. So I started doing treadmill sprints on the OHP/Bench days (John Davies on Deadlift/Squat). Sadly prowler push and sled pulls are not a option for me beacuse my gym doesnt provide them. I dont have skills required for jump rope too.

I read about 3/5/1 so I was thinking about doing it this way.


3/3/3+/1 95% training max/1 100% training max

5/5/5+ (no additional singlets)

5/3/1+/2x1 95% training max

On deload weeks no singlets.

Should I ditch hip thrust completly or just dont overthink them in program and just do some light ones before moving to strenght work?


What’s wrong with a hip thrust ? Isn’t it the best glute exercise ?


Only my opinion but I’ll agree with Jim on this one. Look at the range of motion of the hinge pattern in a hip thrust compared to that of a deadlift or squat. Not even close. The reason people say they don’t get Glute soreness during a squat or dead is as follows.

A chain is only as strong as its weak link. Per Arnold, the most sore muscle in a movement is the weakest one. Being the strongest muscle in the body, the Glute will also be the last one to receive work. When other weaker muscles (calves, hamstrings, quads, erectors, abdominals) become strong enough, the glutes will receive stimulation. If you make the Glutes stronger in isolation, the weaknesses will be magnified and will never catch up.

This is why the assistance protocols focus on hip hinges (GM, stiff leg, RDL, back raise, GHR, etc) and not things like bridges and thrusts.

IMO this is one of those exercise pushed by the Vag crowd for pussies who don’t want to Squat and DL.


So looking at my routine you would advise to add something in exchange of hip thrust or just ditch it?

Also not to start another thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frR-l5HR9zU

Is my form okay? It was from today after my 2x3, 1x3+ and two singlets deadlift. Its last one of 3x8 70% TM squat.


Change it out for Good Mornings I think


I don’t have the experience that many here have, but as somebody that was doing them a lot for a while I agree. I added them in because I had recurring injuries that were due to lack of glute activation. I was so fixated on glutes not activating that I ignored my extremely tight hamstrings and IT band. I focused my mobility on those two areas and worked on strengthening the hamstrings. I went from not being able to get my SI joint to unlock without a chiro/doctor to restoring my range of motion and being able to squat and deadlift again in a matter of a 2 weeks.

Anyways, that was a really good point and wish I saw something like that sooner.


Mhhh, you are actually so wrong about glute work…it is all about load vectors, When a guy intends to move his hips upward with maximal force, as in the case of a vertical jump, squat, or deadlift, the gluteus muscles aren’t activated nearly as much as they are when you intends to move the hips forward with maximal force, as in the case of a hip thrust (Bret Contreras). Just check EMG results… . The exercises you mention are just axial load vectors non of them work the anteroposterior load vector, thats in the one that glutes get most activation. Example you don’t only military press, right? you bench press too.