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My Plan for the Year Using DC

I wanted to run my plan past you guys to make sure I’m on the right track.

I’ve decided I want to put on some more mass, I started getting myself lean last year and at 12% BF realised I needed more mass.

After reading the amazing thread in Paul Carter’s area I’ve decided to try a slightly modified Doggcrapp programme with 500 extra calories a day for a year (well that’s my plan).

I’m 33, weighing 95kg at 6’3 (6’2.5 to be precise lol). I’ve been training since being 18 but mostly just strength training for rugby. I’ve had loads of injuries through rugby and still suffer with a bad back and hip (after fracturing my hip and crushing a disk in my lower back).

My plan is a 4 day PPL Split using a slightly modified DC programme (the split is to have shorter workouts due to work and kids and life). The idea is
M push
T pull
W legs
Th off
Fr Push

And then repeat so the double workout per week rotates.

So …
3 Push workouts
Bench press, DB bench, hammer strength chest press (RP)
Hammer press, DB press, smith press (RP)
Dips, Smith close bench, rope push down (RP)
Lat raises, shrugs, plate raises ( 350 method)
Weighted crunch 350 style

3 Pull workouts
Chins, lat pull down, hammer strength lat machine (RP)
Cable Row, DB Row, Hammer strength Row (SS)
BB curl, Db curl, incline curl (RP)
Hammer curl, reverse curl (just rotating those two (SS)
Face pulls every pull session (350 style)
Planks 3 x failure

Due to my back and hip problems I’ll just be rotating two choices of exercises as I don’t have enough that don’t cause pain at the moment.

Standing calf, seated calf (SS)
Ham curl, RDL (RP)
Hack squat, leg press (SS + WM)
Ab machine (350 style)

Overall I’ve done a few trial sessions and it all seems ok, I’m not sure on the overall ab exercises. My core is still weak and that’s one thing my physios and doctors have all said. I can plank for about 1m 30 but not sure if that’s good or bad really.

As for diet, in the week I’ll be very strict:

Pre workout and 1 scoop whey
2 scoops whey, 300ml milk & 100g oats

250g minced beef, 100g white rice


250g minced beef, 100g white rice, 160g veg

2 scoops whey

1 chicken breast, 100g white rice or potatoes, 200g veg.

The weekend is more relaxed but I get my protein mostly from shakes and eggs, I still keep the 500 extra calories.

Would be interested on thoughts, I want to be bigger, like superhero size (if that’s makes sense), think captain America or Thor. It’s a realistic goal for my frame.

Critique would be appreciated.

I’m 6’3 210. Captain America and Thor are superheroes. Even the actors that play them don’t look like they do on the screen. Can we see a picture of your body? You may not realize how much you’re asking for here.

I guess I meant I wasn’t expecting to look like mr Olympia or anything just my end goal ( which I do expect to take longer than a year) would be to get to that look( just watching the avengers film properly fuelled that comment).

I seem to be quite good at cutting and keeping muscle mass but I’m just not that big and want to spend some time properly putting some muscle on.

Does the plan look ok?

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I’m actually doing a sort of bastardized DC and it’s not far off from what you’re doing. I will give you the same advice that was given to me when I laid out my program - make the RDLs straight sets. And be flexible, because my program had lots of RPs 4x a week like yours, and I had to switch to straight sets for a few exercises to not get burnt out.


I did find the RDL really hard doing RP, ham curls were fine but RDL rest pauses really took it out of me.

I think I’ll 8 week blocks, taking it easier for a kind of deload and eating maintenance on that week as well. I’ve just given myself a year to get big and then I’ll cut down and see where I’m at. I’ve never done a proper sustained bulk before so I’m hoping I’ll add some good mass.