My Plan for Hypertrophy After 3 Months of Strength Training

Hey there CT,
So for the past 3 months I have been doing 531 and have gotten pretty damn strong. Props to Jim for a great program. I read your 915 and I think I will deload next week and begin the week after. Do you have other works that you like and recommend over 915?
Anyway onto my real question.
In your 915 article you talked about doing a hypertrophy program at the finish of it… I really love that idea! I’m getting a little bored with the strength work. A change of pace will suit me well.
But I don’t know jack about good hypertrophy. You recommended Meadows in the article so I bought his mountain dog training book. It did not have a program but principles. Here is what I came up with based on the info I currently have.
What do you think about this as a 8-12 week routine using double progression?


A DeFranco Agile 8

B1 Leg Extension 3x10-12
B2 Leg Curl 3x10-12

C1 Front Squat 2 sec pause in the hole 4x8
C2 RDL 2 sec pause at the bottom (@60-70% DL 3RM) 4x8

D Back Squat Supra Maximal half squat @110% 15-20 reps

E Back Squat Iso hold in the hole 15-30sec, as long as possible (@40-50%) 1 rep

F1 Pull Through 5sec eccentric 3x8-10 (to failure)
F2 Lunge (racked position) 3x20 (10 per leg)

G1 Seated Cable Crunch 3x8-10
G2 Standing Cable Crunch 3x AMRAP (same weight)
G3 Swiss Ball Crunch 3x AMRAMP (contract as hard as possible)


A Warm-Up

B1 DeFranco Shoulder Shocker 3x7/7/7
B2 Cable Crossover (setup low, finish mid) 3x8-12

E OHP @80% 4x8

E Seated Military Press: Supra Maximal Isometric (set-up @ weak point, 110%) 1x10

C Bench Press: Ramp to 5RM, back off 10% then 3x5

D Bench Press: Supra Maximal Isometric (set-up @ weak point, 110%) 1x10

E1 Seated DB OHP (hold the stretch for 5sec) 4x8-10
E2 Incline DB Press (hold the stretch for 5sec) 4x8-10

F1 Pec Flys 3x10 (superset to failure)
F2 Plate Raise 3x25


A Warm-Up

B Lat Pulldown (wide grip, 2sec pause at clavicle) 3x8-10

C Snatch Grip Rack Pulls 4x6

D Snatch Grip High Pulls (from the hang) 3x6

E Rows (Hammer Strength, Pronated) 5x10

F Pull-Ups (Hold the stretch for 10-15sec) 15-20 reps

H1 Rows (Hammer Strength, Supinated) 3x8-12 (superset to failure)
H2 Face Pulls 3x12-15

I Zercher hold 5x10sec


A Warm-up

B1 Decline Bench 4x10 (explode, 2sec contraction, 2sec eccentric)
B2 Switch Grip Barbell Curl 5x 5/5

C1 Cable Crossover 4x10
C2 Bench Press (powerlifting grip, constant tension) 4x10

D1 Chest Press Machine 2x8-10 (triple drop set)
D2 Incline DB Curls 4x10
D3 Standing Hammer Curls 4xAMRAP (same weight)

E Prone Incline Concentration Curl 3x8/8/8 (triple drop set)

F Triceps Pushdown 5x12

G Reverse Grip Smith Machine Press 3x6-8

H PJR Pullover 2x20

I Hanging Leg Raise 4x10

I’m biased because I really like 5/3/1, but why not do one of the 5/3/1 hypertrophy templates such as Boring But Big? Jim also created a template called Building the Monolith which is a brutal hypertrophy template.

That’s a valid question. I also really like 531. I’ve done BBB in the past and have gotten results. I will go back to 531 when I’m finished with the hypertrophy “phase”. 2 reasons really, I just want a change of pace, and give my joints some much deserved rest from the strength work. I may try building the monolith, I’ve heard great things about it and am curious.
PS. A 3rd reason, I’ve never done a “bodybuilding” program. Interested in the results I may get out of it

Giving your joints a break is a valid reason to stop strength work and go lighter. Good luck with whatever program you choose.

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