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My Plan for 2013/2014

Hello,it’s my first post here and i would like to share with you my future plans,i would appreciate if you could tell me your opinion
Today i started my first “bulking” cycle
week 1-8:tren en @200mg/week
test cyp @500mg/week
week 1-4:androlic@50mg/ed
week 5-7:dbol@40mg/ed
week 8:20mg/ed@week8
pct on check
I am going to start around 2600kcal(280c-235p-60f)
(because i was dieting too long and the last 4weeks with 2.400-2.500kcal i gained naturaly almost 2kg)
After this cycle,pct and 2 months off and then start my first men’s physique prep cycle
I’m thinking something like
week 1-12:tren ace@300mg/week
week 1-12:test prop@300mg/week
week 8-12:masteron@300mg/week
week 10-12:winstrol@50mg/eod
i will also add 40-120mg clen

It is not my first cycle,i have already ran 3 cutting cycles but for personal preferences,now i want to see what i can do next to others.

I would like to hear any advices or thoughts,thank you