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My Plan, Critique What I Have Please

I have been reading these forums for months now, and I’m so blown away by all the combinations of nutrition and workout routines that it’s just making my head hurt, and while I work out I’m paranoid I’m not matching different kind of lifts effectively.

So if anyone has anything to say that I could learn from it would be greatly appreciated it. Mainly what I tried to do was hit the muscles I wanted to grow, but whether Im working them out too much, too little, not using enough different kind of lifts. I would -Love- some opinions!



Tri Extensions
Standing Calve Raises
Leg Lifts at the end for my abs.

(I have no press should I do bench)
Pull Ups for the V shaped Torso,( Forget the muscle face palm)
Calve Raises

Same as Monday.

Also, I’m 5’9 and 140 pounds ( I had hit 165 pounds in HS when i previously lifted 3 years ago) with a metabolism that doesn’t allow me to gain fat even if I was to inject it. Any recommended number of ballpark calories.

Appreciate everyones help !

It’s somewhat okay, but why 3x8 for everything?

Why not follow a program on here that has a better method of progression and better exercises?

There are plenty of better programs available to you on T-Nation than something you can put together on your own that doesn’t address progression methods or sticks with the “3x8” or “3x10” loading parameters.

Maybe try something from Chad Waterbury. He has a lot of total body training programs that will help you hit it everything 3x a week at least. As far as what to eat?

Eat a lot of clean food. It is hard to get in the calories with clean food but it is possible. Try to eat BW x 16 + 10-20% above that. So about 2500 to 2700?
What does everybody think?

EDIT: I know this might get into a Split Vs. Total body argument but don’t all discussions turn into this argument?

And to the OP. Do the type of workout that works for you.

I chose 3x8 for everything because its in the middle of gaining mass and size rep wise.

For the link to the strength guide, Ive probably read that entire guide plus its links 10x. But, it’s a strength guide and I was going for something aimed more towards mass. Should I just change the rep’s on that program, would that work?

Thanks guys )

The point is that if you’re starting out, you should get stronger. Getting stronger means you’ll be using more weight. Using more weight means that if you DO do a more hypertrophy-oriented program, it’ll have more of an effect.