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My PL Training Log - An experiment



Being reading this site for awhile now and thought I would get involved by posting up my training log. First few stats:

Best Lifts @64kg BW:

Squat(comp pb/gym pb): 160kg/352lbs (Current unequipped national record in the GBPF since weight categories changed) 170kg/374lbs (with knee wraps)
Bench Press(comp pb/gym pb):102.5kg/225.5lbs and 105kg/231lbs
Deadlift (comp pb/gym pb): 183kg/402.5lbs and /190kg/418lbs
Best Comp Total: 443kg/974.6lbs

  • Currently following Bill Starr's 5 x 5 routine
  • Next Meet is May 14th which is the Divisional Championships

Here is my last workout:


Squat - 5 x 72.5kg, 92.5kg, 115kg, 132.5kg, 3 x 155kg (REP PB), 8 x 80kg
Bench Press - 5 x 47.5kg, 57.5kg, 72.5kg, 82.5kg, 2 x 100kg, 8 x 70kg
Bent over Rows - 5 x 35kg, 40kg, 45kg, 50kg, 3 x 60kg, 8 x 42.5kg

Unless stated the workouts are performed with a belt only, chalk and the occasional use of wrist wraps on the bench.

Assistance exercise missed out today as i felt really tired and just need a rest for tomorrows workout which is volume day.



Squat - 5 x 77.5kg, 95kg, 117.5kg, 137.5kg, 5 x 155kg (REP PB)
Bench Press - 5 x 47.5kg, 60kg, 72.5kg, 85kg, 2 x 100kg
Bent over Rows - 5 x 37.5kg, 42.5kg, 47.5kg, 52.5kg, 5 x 60kg

No assistance exercises this week in lead up to championships next week (MAY 14TH)

Note on Squat - This felt really good but comes with a negative. The squat rack at my gym does not have moveable safety pins so in order to hit parallel I have to touch the bar off the pins which can sometimes knock my line off. This was really noticeable yesterday. However, so far this has not affected my training and my lifts in competition have pretty much matched up to my predicted 1RM based on what I am lifting in the gym. Suppose Ill find out next week as I am currently looking at a 175kg PB!



Deadlift - 5 x 105kg, 130kg, 150kg, 172.5kg (REP PB)
Military Press - 5 x 30kg, 40kg, 50kg, 60kg(REP PB)
Squat - 5 x 75kg, 90kg, 107.5kg, 107.5kg

Note on Deadlifts - last set performed with a total reset every rep to make sure technique was as good as possible. Found I lift better with a very narrow stance.



Decided to see where I was at today before YNE Championships next week. This is what happened:


3 x 40kg, 50kg, 60kg
1 x 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, 100kg, 105kg, 107.5kg (PB)

Squat (Knee wraps after 150kg)

3 x 60kg, 80kg
1 x 90kg, 110kg, 120kg, 140kg, 150kg, 160kg, 170kg, 175kg (PB)

Not a bad days work! Now think its time for a nice little rest before the comp next week