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My PL Meet Results


So I went and dropped down to 181 for a PL meet and here are the results:

Bench: 275 (new PR by 25lbs!)
Squat: 315 (Kept it light b/c I am still worried about my back)
Deadlift: 425 (new PR by 5lbs)

This was all raw and I didn't win anything but I'm happy with it. Maybe one day I'll be up for testing my back on the squat again and my goal is to hit a 500lb DL by Dec. so that should help things out.


congrats on the new pr's...hope things go well with your back


Congrats on the PR's heal up man.

I am also planing on a 500lb dead by December.


your lifts -aside from squat- are very good especially dl. For next meet-depending on how far away- I would shoot for over 300+ bench deff try and get squat over 400 and 500+ dl that would be 1200ish total at 180!


Congrats, youve already done more then 90% of ppl you stepped up and did it on the platform

Keep it up



Nice job man !! Heal up soon and blast that squat up !!! Nice raw totals for sure !


Hey thanks guys for the comments! I'm working hard on that DL and bench then I'll focus on my squat. I just can't focus on squat for very long b/c of my back so it may be slow to come up but I'm ok with that.

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures! I packed very quickly for my flight the day before and I forgot my camera :frowning:


awesome work keep it going.



Lol I'm working on that bench! I feel that it is by far my weakest as I can go over 315 for squat but didn't want to push it. Haha damn this really long arms! Great for DL sucks for bench!