my picutes during wrestling

just wondering if ya guys would wanna see my picture… i had one last year… but now im 25 pounds heavier… im 17 almost 18 i weigh 234 about 14% bodyfat… check it out

one – you dont look 14%. I’d say less for sure, and two, unless you are like 6’6", you dont look anywhere near 230lbs

You look like crap. Just Kidding. Youve done a good job. Keep up the good work.

Nice job Dude. Keep up the good work.

I agree with the first response; you definitely look below 14%. I’ve always heard that you need to be 12% or under to clearly see abs. It seems right, too, as I’m 11.3% and mine are disappear as I bulk. Good work.

he looks 14%. surprisingly he has good definition in his abs but you can tell he’s not lower than that, or by much (maybe 13). However, I can see that he is about 230 if he has some good legs, since he mentioned in the other post that he is 6’2.