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My Pictures

Here are recent pictures, looking for feedback. Be honest and critical, I need a kick in the butt sometimes. I think i’ve been making pretty good progress with my plan, i’m the one who is eating a paleo-type diet combined with a predatory animal diet. I want to get down to 5% bodyfat and have a ways to go, but i’m definitely making steady progress now and want to know an opinion from people who are really involved in working out. I enjoy compliments and critique from others outside our group, but would like feedback from real lifters/bodybuilders, etc. who know what they are talking about. Here is the link, hope this one works.
www.geocities.com/peterborden69/ Pete.html?1021993811467

Get a clear picture of yourself. Upper and lower body. Dont wear 10 layers either.

It is kinda hard to tell from those pics, as they do not show much of your physique.

hey guys, how do I look in this snow-suit!! WTF dude, we can’t see shat in those photos!!