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My Pics


Here I am :slightly_smiling:


and a back shot...


looks solid, i'd say maybe your lats need work and maybe your chest too. its just your torso doesn't look thick enough for your arms and shoulders.
think about a 5


You've definitely put some time in the gym, and you have a low bf, but I'd guess you're not doing alot of compound movements. What are your stats? How about a pic of the wheels? Good work so far...


yeah i noticed that from the pics too... fortunately those were taken over a year ago since then i've put on more muscle...


5'10" 180 (currently) ... not sure about bf% as I haven't measured it quite some time

measured these a few months ago:
Chest - 40"
Bicep - 16"
Waist - 33"
Upper legs - 24"
Lower Legs - 16"

in those pics more like 175 lbs...

as for the compound stuff... true I wasn't doing a lot when I took these pics... now I've actually switched to mostly compound stuff and put on some more size :slight_smile:

I'll see what I can do to get more pics / pics with legs involved...



Do you have recent pictures? I don't want to judge you on what you used to look like.


arms chest lats lacking bit compared to rest which is looking alright.


Looking very good and agree with above


And your lifting stats are...?

Squat/DL etc.


you've got a pretty good foundation to add to in that you have decent shape. some guys just have the worst shape and proportion so no matter what they do or how much size they add or dieting they do, they still look like crap.